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Friday, March 23, 2007

The Flood Myth

My current writing research involves reading Don't Know Much About Mythology. I have to admit, I've always been fascinated by mythology and history in general. This fascination even caused me to hang out at college another year to get my history degree. You see, I was convinced I wanted to be an archaeologist. I soon saw the light, and realized engineering paid far better. But the interest never went away.
This book has brought back the interest like a flood of rushing water. Literally.
I find it just so cool how nearly every ancient civilization has a flood myth. Sure, they're all approximated to be at different times, but the theory of the earth flooding is just far too consistent to be ignored. And I love how the book draws as much geological history into the story as it can. Did you know the Black Sea flooded at one point, bringing tons of salt water to rest on top of the fresh water already contained there? Some theorize this event was actually the great flood.
Whatever the truth, it sure makes for good research.

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