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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How many revisions do you do?

I laugh (internally) when I hear authors speak, and they mention how they revise their work two, maybe even three, times. I laugh because I'm thinking that I revise twenty-five times, and then keep on at it. Maybe this is something I will get better at as I write more? Less revisions? Or maybe I should just take more time between revisions. And sometimes I feel I could spend my whole life revising just one work.
But I have to ask - are these authors really telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Are they revising while they write their first draft? Does their work only really require two or three revisions? Or is this the point at which they feel it is submission-worthy (which is still way off from mine)?

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Jim D said...

Maybe that's why I'm still in the "soon to be published" ranks -- I don't count how many revisions. I have trouble thinking that the entire MS must be complete before any revisions are made so then there is the issue "what constitutes a revision?" If I revise only chapter one is it 1/24th of a revision? If I add a 25th chapter do I have to recalculate it as 1/25th? No. I just quit counting.
Jim (but I do still ramble...)