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Friday, March 23, 2007

Recent Author Signings

Two book signings in a week. OK, not mine, but I attended two, which is the next best thing.
Last Saturday was Cynthia Leitich Smith at Barnes & Noble (Round Rock) signing her latest YA book, Tantalize. This will be my weekend read if I'm not too scared.
Wednesday at 10 am (strange time - especially during the school year) was Jeff Stone at Book People, signing his latest Kung Fu children's book, Crane. This is the fourth in a series of what will be seven books featuring the world of Kung Fu. I haven't read any in the series yet, but plan to as soon as I can wrestle the first book, Tiger, away from my son. For during the day when school is in session, the event was well attended with what looked like at least two classes taking field trips to the store. Jeff had volunteers come up and learn various Kung Fu poses.

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Kelly said...

Ah! So here's your writing site. I'll link to you during my next blog roundup :)