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Thursday, March 29, 2007

What is the best Critique Group?

There are all sorts and styles.
  • Meet in person and read aloud with no take home work;
  • Meet in person, but only discuss; read outside of the meeting time;
  • Online critique group;
  • All writers in the group are in the same general genre;
  • Writers in the group are in various and diverse genres;
  • Groups meet once per week;
  • Groups meet once per month;
  • Writers are diverse in gender and race;
Any thoughts on what has worked well or not worked at all? How long have you been in a critique group? I've been in two. We read in the meeting at one, and outside the meeting at another. Although it's super helpful to hear your work read aloud, I think reading outside the meeting time works better. I also think joining a group where entire manuscripts are read initially and then critiqued would be helpful. Sometimes it seems so painful to go through chapter at a time (or 5 pages at a time) only to totally throw out those chapters when doing a full manuscript revision. I've thought about joining a genre specific online critque group, but have no experience with the online meeting thing.


Kelly said...

Hi PJ:

I'm in an online critique group I like very much. There are 8 of us, and only a chapter or so gets read a month, but still it works well and I like them all.

I highly recommend online. The gossip is diminished and actual work gets done :)

Jim D said...

I think diversity can be a big plus, especially if your characters are diverse. I think gender diversity can be a real biggie--in as much as I don't do edgy books, there are a lot of gender based perspectives that our characters possess. My critique group also has about a 50 year age span (I'm somewhere in the middle).

As my writing improves(?), I can see that a more genre specific group might be helpful (but I could never drop my original group!!!)