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Monday, April 09, 2007

How to Refresh the Reader?

So I finished another revision of Book 2 last night. And I didn't do so bad this time. I managed to cut out 5000 words which will hopefully make my editor happy (especially since most of it is from the beginning). Not that none of that information was valuable. It is just better used as backstory.
So here's my writing-a-sequel question. What is the bet way to "refresh" the reader on what happened in previous books in the series without being too verbose? I feel like before I know it, I have paragraphs of stuff that went on in the prior book. How much do I have to tell the reader? Can I assume they've read the previous book(s) and that this is a refresher? If they haven't read the previous book(s), can I assume they will "breeze" through these refresher paragraphs and that will be OK?

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HipWriterMama said...

I like the idea that you can read a book, out of order of the series, and it doesn't matter you didn't read the previous book.

Megan Whalen Turner does a great job in The Thief series. She weaves little facts into her books, so you'll remember it from a previous book. But if you didn't read the previous book, you don't mind because the story is plain good.

Lisa Yee is another author who comes to mind that I think did a great job with her series.

Good luck!