"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." —J. R. R. Tolkien

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tip of the Week - Turn off the TV

OK, so this goes along with a post from my other blog about not watching the news, but this is just a bit more general.
Turn off the TV.
Just do it. Turn it off.

I know - I've heard to arguments:
- There are so many educational shows to watch.
- I need humor from sitcoms to lighten my day.
- Watching other people's misery makes me feel better about myself.
- I watch "just a little bit" each night to unwind.

And here are my counter-arguments:
- I agree. TV can be educational. But pick one show a week and limit it to that. Otherwise, all you end up doing is sitting around learning, never applying what you've learned. I'm interested in archaeology, but if I watched every show that came on TV about it, all I'd ever do is watch TV.
- Humor can be found anywhere. Look for it outside of the TV.
- Does it really make you feel better to watch other people's misery? Then change this thinking right now. It makes me feel better to think about myself and my loved ones in positive ways.
- TV is only a habit you've developed to help you unwind. Make a list of a million other things you could do instead. Read a book. Draw a picture. Play with Playdough with your kids. Make your own Marinara Sauce (thanks Carmen). Then, pick one and do it.

Here's an idea. If you have a young child around the house, hand them your remote control and ask them to hide it. Then get on with living!


HipWriterMama said...

For the most part, I'm with you on this one. Don't turn on the tv. Except for Thursday nights. Have to get in my Grey's Anatomy. It's good to know about strange medical conditions...it's the only reason I watch it. Really.

PJ Hoover said...

And when there is a purpose, it's a great way to gather information! Like the archaeology thing.
Strange medical conditions ... very interesting!

Anonymous said...

I only watch one show a week but that's when I get the laundry folded. Unfortunately I have so much laundry I think I'm going to need to pick up another show. I'm with you on not watching the news. Don't do it, it's a trap!