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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Book of the Week - Captain Underpants

I brought home The first Captain Underpants book for my (6 years old on Saturday) son last week. He'd heard of Captain Underpants, and some kids in his class had read Captain Underpants, but I think he thought he'd never be allowed to read Captain Underpants. But I decided to be a nice mommy, and so brought it home I did!
Can I tell you how excited he was! At first he was giggling pretty quietly, but as he read on, he started laughing harder and harder.
He showed me one drawing, where the two little boys took a sign with removeable letters that said "Come pick your own roses" and they changed it to "Come pick our noses"
How apt is that? I remember a time on senior beach week after high school graduation when my friend who was a boy did this exact same thing. He took a sign at McDonalds which read "Now hiring all shifts" and changed it to "Now firing all s**ts".
So what's your take? Is Captain Underpants appropriate reading? It does seem to capture the true nature of being a young, mischievous boy.


HipWriterMama said...

Oh the kids laugh hysterically whenever they see the cover. I banned this book for the longest time and then decided to let the kids read them.

Is it appropriate reading? Well, it's not classic literature, but if it makes the kids laugh and want to read, well, that's saying something, doesn't it?

PJ Hoover said...

That was my thinking. And boys love reading about poop on the floor and picking noses for whatever reason.

Cheryl said...

My nephew loves Captain Underpants! I think it's funny too.