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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Book of the Week - Zack Proton

Let me preface by saying that this may be partial.
1) My son is named Zachary
2) I know the author.
But it's my blog.

Brian Anderson has created a great thing with the Zack Proton books. My 6 year old loves them. This past Saturday we went to Brian's book signing. We didn't win the poster, but my son did get to fill out the entry form and stick it in the alien's mouth, and my duaghter got crackers and cheese cubes (which she smeared on the windows in the car).

So The Adventures of Commander Zack Proton and the Wrong Planet is the third book in the series. Great layout. Great art. Great text. Great cover. What's not to love? Definitely check it out if you're looking.

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HipWriterMama said...

I've never heard of these books. They look like something my kids will really enjoy. Thanks for the recommendation.