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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Disney Blog Number 1 - Autographs

OK, slight diversion from the regular weekly posts.

I notice many kids here at Disney carry around autograph books trying to get various character's autographs.
Is this what it will be like when I autograph my books?
But anyway, it got me thinking. What famous people have you gotten autographs from? Let's leave authors aside (unless they are WAY famous) as I have started attending book signings whenever possible.

I saw Donovan in (a small) concert back in high school and got his autograph. It was this awesome little smoky bar just like you'd imagine. And if you don't know who Donovan is, google Sunshine Superman.

I went to (only) one Star Trek convention and got Worf's autograph. No, before you ask, Captain Kirk was not there, and I did not dress up like a Klingon (or a Borg) though many, many, many people did.

And, finally, I got all the members of the group Sqeeze to sign a concert t-shirt. The only problem with this is I never wanted to wash the t-shirt and it started to stink.

Got any famous autographs you want to share?

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