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Monday, May 14, 2007

Word of the Week - Cemetery

Strange word, I know. But it comes up because it entered conversation two times on Saturday.

First my son was reading a Sesame Street book to his little sister. He pointed to places on the picture and read the word cemetery. No problem. We talked about how it means the same thing as graveyard. Talked about which word we liked better.

Then driving to a book signing with hubby in car also, we passed by one, and my son piped up and said, "Look, a cemetery."
My husband, 38 years old, total vocabulary and spelling genius (translate - snob), turns to me and says, "Do you spell that with an 'S' or a 'C'."
My mouth dropped open. "Are you kidding?" I laughed. Surely he was joking.
Turns out he wasn't. He said cemetery was one of those very few words he always had a hard time remembering to spell. My son said his teacher told him it's a "rule breaker". Now my husband will never forget.

What word do you have a hard time remembering how to spell?

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