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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Goals Meme

This is a great one.

List 10-15 goals (personal or professional) you plan to accomplish over the summer.

I'm cutting my summer short. I start an 8-week long sabbatical in August, so for the purpose of these goals, we're talking only June and July.

Here goes:

1) Write first draft of new WIP.
2) Blog daily.
3) Finish A Short History of Nearly Everything.
4) Read new Harry Potter, Titan's Curse, and Skulduggery Pleasant (though these may wait for August/September sabbatical).

5) Finish my (electrical engineering) work deliverables before starting sabbatical (I have a separate list here).

6) Eat healthy every day.
7) Exercise 6 days a week.
8) Drink 8 glasses of water a day (no, I haven't started yet :))

9) Sod the front yard.
10) Transform my daughter's room from a baby room into a little girl's room.
11) Price wood flooring for my downstairs.

12) Do three fun major family activities (like Sea World, San Antonio Zoo, beach ...)
13) Encourage my son to write in his journal three times a week.
14) Listen to books on tape with my kids.

1 comment:

HipWriterMama said...

Wow. A 8 week sabbatical! Very nice. I like your goals. Uh, eat healthy everyday...what about dessert?