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Monday, June 11, 2007

My Catalogue (and other things kids say)

My son was excited a few weeks ago when I showed him the picture of his creation on the computer. I told him it was my blog and that it was the photo or inspiration for the week.

He was terribly proud, and when I pulled out the creature parts yesterday for him and my daughter to play with, he went straight to work.

I give you Cheetah-Saurus. When my daughter threatened to destroy said genetically-engineered creature, my son ran from the room carrying it screaming, "No, that's for Mommy's catalogue."

Blog. Catalogue. I see the connection.

And because he then went to work on another creature, here is Headless-saurus.

Kids say the greatest things. My daughter is now at the age of "playing" with words. This is when I should write down every word she comes up with for future use in a book.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you definitely should.

I was regaled with PRAMA this past weekend and plan to use that promptly.

in my mind it's a book title as well.

(I was informed it's PROM DRAMA.)