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Sunday, June 24, 2007

SFF Inspirational Photo of the Week

Did anyone else watch the original Journey to the Center of the Earth? It's in my top 5 favorite movies. Possibly even number one.
Today's journey took us to Inner Space Caverns here in Austin, TX, where we came upon this room.

If anyone doesn't know the story of the caverns, when they were testing the land back in 1963 to build the interstate (IH35), they drilled core samples to see if the land could withstand the highway. They kept coming up hollow, and so they drilled a 24 inch hole and lowered a construction worker into a pile of bat guano (pretrified of course). But they also found these amazing caverns.

The best part of the tour is when they turn out the lights. Total and complete darkness. You can't see anything. Nothing. Not even an outline.

We had fun telling the kids about the monster that lives in the caverns. The monster never came out, but I swear I saw beady eyes peering out at me.

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