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Thursday, June 21, 2007

What's your favorite post?

HipWriterMama tagged me to republish a favorite post from the past. I looked back through and settled on one with a little humor. If you want to play, visit HipWriterMama to link yours over there. Then click on all the others for some great reading time.


Lord of the Flies (October 12, 2006)

So here's my funny story for the day. My son came home from school (kindergarten) the other day, and somehow, right before bed, he starts telling us how out on the playground at recess, between 10 and 13 other boys (not his friends) start pushing him. He says one boy was holding him so tight he couldn't move and the others were shoving him. And he hit his head on a bench and got a big bump. Of course, in my mind, I've pictured the worst. Images of Lord of the Flies come to mind. With my sweet little innocent boy at the center of the torment! Does bullying really start this early? Kindergarten? Am I just so naive that I didn't realize this.
So I email the teacher to ask her about it. We exchange a couple emails and she does a little more digging, bringing in a couple of the perpetrators. And so, pretty soon, a much more realistic story comes out. Apparantly, a girl was trying to kiss my son, and the other boys were trying to 'protect' him and keep him from getting kissed. They were holding him and surrounding him. I can see the connection here, and even see how this could get misconstrued in a 5-year-old mind. And when I asked my son about it (including the kissing) he got pretty embarrassed and also seemed to agree with the story. So not quite Lord of the Flies.
Of course, this did lead us to a discussion about what to do if someone is pushing you around. We told him to warn them once - maybe twice - and then shove them right back. He might get in trouble with the principal this way, but not with us.

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HipWriterMama said...

Oh my. This is too funny. I can totally picture it. Thanks for a great laugh.