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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Writing Tip of the Week - Scene

I set a goal this year to read something like ten books on writing craft. So far, I've gotten through about six.
And now, with starting a new project, I actually can put many things I've learned into play at the start of a new book. So useful.
One thing I've been focusing on in this first draft, and will pick up more of during revisions, is scene. I read in one of the books that you should never just have two heads talking.

Talking + no action = bored reader.

So if your characters need to talk, give them something else to do also. Give some background drama. Have them talking in a car while going through the car wash. Have then talking in a restaurant with a band in the background. Have them involved in a high speed car chase. Maybe they can be mountain climbing.

For me, my characters were talking in an apartment. I introduced some snakes. This up'ed the scene a notch.

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Jim D said...

Good tip -- I'm going to watch for it too!

Jim D