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Monday, July 16, 2007

College Memory Number One

Writing for kids and young adults - and reading much of this genre - always brings back some of my own memories. Some are share-worthy and some are not.
I'll let you decide on this one.
My freshroom college roommate and I knew each other in high school and decided to room together. We got out room on the first floor with a window facing away from campus.
Anyway, we used to have friends who would come rattle on the window to visit. We'd open the shade and let them in to talk.
So imagine my surprise when the window rattled late one night and I opened the shade only to reveal a guy dressed in camo taking pleasure with himself!
"Katie!!!!" I called. "Come look at this!"
(OK, cut me some slack - this was really my first experience with someone actually doing this).
She ran over and we watched for a minute - trying to really believe with our eyes what we were seeing. Could we be mistaken? Was the guy really three feet from OUR window? Was he really doing what we thought he was doing?
OK, finally common sense took over and we put down the shade and called all our friends to tell them.
A month later, the same thing happened. But this time, we called the campus cops. They came, took our incident report, and left. Our friendly visitor was long gone by the time they arrived. I guess the fact that we deliberated on whether to actually call the cops or not may have contributed to his getting away.

Got any good stories of your own? If you do, write about them on your blog and let me know!


HipWriterMama said...

Oh my! Definitely something you would never forget. Not sure I have anything to top this one, but I definitely have some interesting recollections.

Jim D said...

OK Tricia. I couldn't quite match your story, but did post one from my Freshman year at my blog (Haunts of a Children's Writer)

Jim D.