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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

College Memory Number Two

I had so much fun recalling college memory number one. So why stop at one? Why limit to college? No good reason for either, but in the spirit of the last post, I give you my other college experience with ... exposition.

From sophmore year on, I used to have this job as a security monitor. Ok, my job wasn't to tackle intruders and pin them to the floor to be handcuffed. Basically, I worked from 10 pm -6 am on weekdays and 12 am -6 am on weekends (not every day) in the dorms. The doors got locked and I was responsible for checking people's IDs before letting them into the dorms after hours. If their ID didn't match a name on the list, they didn't get in.
(I could go off on a side note here of what I actually would have done if someone refused to obey me. Most people trying to break the rules pretended to play stupid when I told them to go away - like they didn't know they couldn't get into the dorms).

Anyway, I always brought my five pound Maltese, Killer, along with me, and we'd stay up all night doing homework, reading, talking to other people, or watching TV. If only I'd known back then that I wanted to be a writer!
So one night I working. All my friends had gone, and it was just me and Killer hanging in the lobby. It was a co-ed dorm - boys on one wing, girls on the other. Suddenly, the door from the girl's side opens and out walks this guy into the lobby. He had his hair frizzed out, his face painted green, white paint around his eyes. And he was stark naked with a huge erection!
He didn't look at me, though I have no doubt his show was for me and me alone (unless you count Killer). He simply looked straight ahead and walked from the door of the girls' side to the door of the boys' side.
I found myself speechless - mouth hanging open. I'm guessing he was checking my reaction out of his peripheral vision, and I'm sure I didn't disappoint. Killer lifted her head from the pillow she slept on, looked at him, and went back to sleep.
Me? I was certainly alert the rest of the evening. I called my boss, who came and hung out with me for the next few hours. And trust me - we got plenty a good laugh out of the whole thing.
So thank you, weird face-painted-green-guy, for giving me something to laugh about fifteen years later!

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