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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Data storage

So what's the best way to back up your work?
I hear horror stories all the time of authors who have lost their entire hard drives. Disk drives didn't work. Overwrote files.
So here's what I do:
Each night, I work on a new file with the date at the end. Yep, that means I have every version at the end of each day of everything I've ever worked on. And seriously, why not? I think my hard drive is some insane amount of gigabytes.
Every other night, I burn a CD with my writing stuff on it. I then store these CDs in a fireproof lock box.
On the other nights, I back up my entire hard drive onto a backup hard drive. The first time takes a while, but after that it only copies the changes.

So I'm talking about this with my coworkers the other day, and one of them mentions that the fire boxes are only rated to like 200 degrees or something, and that any house fire would get hotter than that.

So I could email myself my current working version every night - uploading to yahoo in a way.
But I've also thought about looking into some sort of off-site backup storage system. Does anyone do anything like this?

What do you do for backups?

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Jim D said...

Put the gearshift to "R",turn and look through the rear window, step lightly on the gas pedal..........

Oh.....writing data.....just CD backup--not even a fireproof box.....I guess I should do more.

Jim D.