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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Did you go to ...

your high school reunion?
I know Robin Brande talked about this a while back, but now it is my reality. You see, I'm having my twenty year reunion this October. I live in Texas. It's back in Virginia. There's so much planning going on. So many people I haven't seen in like forever. It would be great to catch up. But I'm not sure about hauling the whole family of four back for the weekend.
But thinking about reunions gives me a few laughs.

My aunt is attending her sixty year college reunion this weekend. As she puts it, you go at that point just to see who's still around.

My coworker just attended his twenty year. Four years ago, he was the arm wrestling champion of the world. I'm not talking America here. I'm talking he flew to Russia and won. (OK, first on his left hand, and second on his right hand). So it's gotta be pretty cool to walk into your reunion with that as bragging material. I asked him if he bragged, but he's just not that kind of guy, and admitted he didn't bring it up.

My dad attended his fifty year reunion a few years ago, and wondered who all the old people there were.

So tell me, did you go? Got a good story?

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