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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our Bedtime Story

I've been telling my kids a new bedtime story lately. OK, and it all comes back to book research. But also, please keep in mind my son is six and loves this story. And learning about mythology is a good thing, right?

It's the story of two brothers - Set and Osiris. And Osiris is married to Isis.
Set hated Osiris because Osiris was king. And so on the day Isis and Osiris married, Set went to Osiris and chopped him into fourteen pieces which he then scattered about the earth.
Isis was devastated, and searched all over the earth, finding thirteen of the pieces. She never found the fourteenth piece which nicely enough was his penis.
So she took the thirteen pieces and created the first mummy. Then she prayed for a baby for she and Osiris had never consummated their marriage (OK, I glance over this a bit). And she got pregnant and had Horus.
Horus hated his uncle Set. So he and Uncle Set got in a fight. Uncle Set poked out one of Horus's eyes. And Horus tore off one of Uncle Set's testicles.
The End.

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Sara Latta said...

Sweet dreams, my darling son!