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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Rewrite

Since I joined this fantastic online critique group a couple months ago, I've been getting some great feedback. What I'm submitting is the second book in my trilogy. I don't think I've really revised this book in probably about 8 months.
When revising, initially I go through and try to do some pretty major changes. But then each subsequent revision gets just a little bit less, then less. Then I have no idea what to revise at all.
Enter critique group and 8 months of time.
And now I think I'm ready for another revision. A major one. The time off is crucial. I know we've all read stuff where it says to put the work away for a week or two between revisions. But even after a week, there's no way I'd be having the ideas I'm having now.
Major changes. That's what I'm seeing. Especially at the beginning. Not just trying to do a better job with Book 1 backstory (though that is a major part of it), but new plot ideas, seeding for Book 3, character name changes, place changes.
And I love this type of revision. For me, it's my second favorite part of writing a book.
1) First draft - I love just getting the ideas down on paper - even it they suck.
2) Major revision where I have some sort of vision in my mind of how/where I can change things.

What's your favorite part of the writing process?


Shawn said...

You are such an inspiration! I hate the revision process. I get lost in it. I love the first draft -- not that I've finished one. : )

Christine M said...

Sometimes I love the first draft - but other times I love the revision - refining the ideas that I've already gotten down on paper. Sometimes I hate both - when nothing seems to come to me. Ah well.