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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Don't Mess With Electricity

We've heard this all along since the minute we could hear. Electricity is dangerous. It can kill you. Seriously.

I think this little guy didn't take it seriously, or he chose not to listen. So here's what electricity can do if you get too close.


* Our lights had been flickering all throughout the house. As an electrical engineer, I tackle small electrical projects around the house. Outlets. Switches. Light fixtures. But serious electricity I don't get near. Why? I want to stay alive.
When the electrician opened the outside breaker box, he found this little guy on the wire.
To quote my son - "Sad for him."

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Jim D said...

Were he and his friends trying to do a Frankenstein movie perhaps? I can picture sparks of elctricity arcing through the poor things body as the lights fade in and out. Kind of a pre-Halloween image that zapped through my brain.