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Monday, October 15, 2007

Finding fun where I can

I've mentioned we get free soda and water at work. OK, I've mentioned this about twenty times. So some people find this need to have collections on their desks of all the empty cans/bottles they've had. Some stack them up in pyramids. Some line them neatly on the top of the cubicle walls. Some arrange them on their desk surface. And the main thing I've noticed about the people who do this is that they always drink the same thing (not the same as everyone else, just the same thing.) For example, if they drink water, they always drink water. Apple Juice - always apple juice.
So I've found a new fun way to keep the office lively and exciting (at least for me). When one of these collectors is out of their cube, and I happen to walk by on the way to the recycling bin, I replace one of their empty cans with my own. See, I'm a Diet Coker. So imagine a proud arrangement of Diet Dr. Peppers with a single Diet Coke in the midst.
I know it's a small thing. But I have fun then walking by to check if the cube occupant has discovered the switch.

Got any fun office pranks of your own?

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Anonymous said...

My office doesn't have a sense of humor.