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Friday, December 28, 2007

Fun Friday - Play with Toys

Seriously - the marble roller coaster is fun. I sneak downstairs after the kids are in bed and roll marbles. I set a marble at the top and see if I can get something done before it reaches the bottom.

It's one thing to watch toys being played with and another to play with them yourself.

Take my coworker. He brought a remote control helicopter into work yesterday (OK, it is a quiet week around the office). We have big open areas here and lots of room to practice flying. So I watched him fly it for a few minutes, and then he let me try. It is so much more fun to do it yourself! Seriously.

So if you haven't done this recently, pick up one of your kid's (or coworkers's) toys, and start playing!

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HipWriterMama said...

It's so fun playing with the kids' toys. My kids have the Nintendo DS and I like playing with their Dogs game. Much easier than taking care of a real dog.