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Sunday, January 20, 2008

I diverge for a bit...

... to talk about our bulk trash collection. Twice a year, we get to put out big items. They have some kind of secret schedule they make up, so you're never quite sure when your chance will come. You save up for six months waiting for the note to be delivered to your mailbox.

Why a secret calendar, you might ask? After all, we're talking trash here. Turns out it's to prevent scavenging.

Personally, I'd much rather someone with a trailer drive around picking up bulk trash than it just going to the dump. Today, we put out an old bathroom sink and a 30-year-old double mattress. Within a half hour, both were gone. I'm happy to know someone might actually get some use out of a mattress. Talk about an item that's hard to get rid of. There's like one place in town you can donate them to.

I noticed the Papasan chair down the street lasted a good ten minutes. Our BBQ smoker last time was about the same. From what I gather (from the guy I caught scavenging today and asked), metal is where it's at. He said "big bucks". So I'm thinking, could metal scavenging possibly support my writing?

Side note: I have to admit, during bulk trash time, I slow down and look while driving around the neighborhood. To date, I've never stopped and taken anything, but, hey, I have all week ahead of me!


Rebecca said...

Ha! Brings back memories.

I confess. We once took a toy "kitchen" that was on the curb. We brought it home, scrubbed it down with a bleach/water mixture and put it in the family room for our girls. They got years of playtime out of that thing (which included closing the cat in the play oven--poor kitty).

Shawn said...

I walked home pushing a stroller while carrying a Little tykes book shelf that was sitting on the curb for trash. Better in my home than the landfill! Though, I doubt I would drive around looking for trash to pick up and take home ... but if I see it and it's there, why not?

PJ Hoover said...

Why is it always the Little Tykes stuff people put out? And it's always in great shape. I'm thinking they're hoping someone will come along and take it. Glad you guys both got something useful! Sorry for the cat :)

Jason said...

Ah, I remember doing this. My family is a bunch of pack rats, so the stuff we throw away is usually falling apart -- literally -- and so we're not really prime choices for scavenging.

I've never actually stopped and picked up anything, but I was tempted by the neighbor's couch last year. :D

PJ Hoover said...

Some of my friends gave away a couch a couple years ago that I was totally tempted by. But another couple snatched it up!