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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

When to start the next WIP?

I'm so close. And then another idea comes to me, so I have to incorporate it because it's a good one. (Side note - I got the idea from my son's toys).
I plan and plan and plan. Theoretically I could plan forever (or at least for another month).
But here's my goal. Start on January 8th (yep - next Tuesday).

Another side note - I'm not one of the status-meter people. How do you know how many words your aiming for? I guess I could come up with a ballpark?


HipWriterMama said...

Good luck with your new WIP! Isn't it awesome when the idea's come flying in?

I just discovered those word count meters and thought I'd try it. It's not enough that I can use the word count tool in my manuscript...I figured if I had to physically look at a meter that showed my progress, maybe it would encourage me.

And yes, it's hard to figure out how many words I'm aiming for, but I found a way to increase or decrease the final word goal as my manuscript is written.

Best of luck!

Barrie said...

The meters usually default to 50,000 words. Like hipwritermama said, you can adjust that though. I left my at 50K because it's close enough for the first draft for me. I'm aiming for 50-55K for the 2nd I Don't Do book. And, now that you've brought up progress meters, I'm reminded that I haven't updated mine in a while. Perhaps tomorrow...

PJ Hoover said...

Funny on the word meters because I am totally addicted to checking word count in Microsoft Word and updating it every night!