"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." —J. R. R. Tolkien

Friday, February 08, 2008

Look for Opportunities

We all face them. Little disappointments. Daily challenges.
Things like receiving an annoying email. Finding out news that bothers you. Even the little things matter. They eat away at us on the inside and stop us from gaining productivity and momentum in other things which count in life.

My new attitude?

Look at each of these annoyances as a challenge? Ask yourself: How can I use this situation to improve myself as a person? How can I use this as an opportunity to further my quest toward achieving my goals?
A normal first reaction to, say, for example, receiving a disappointing or nasty email, is anger. Refusal to agree. Wanting to send back a tart response.
Stop. Think about it for a minute. A day. However long it takes. And then try to figure out how you can regain control of the situation. How you can use this email to improve yourself.

OK, maybe I'm rambling. Back to work.


christine M said...

Sounds like a great way to try to live your life!

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Chris! I like it :)

Sheri Perl-Oshins said...

Awesome advice! I try to live by this rule too, PJ (by the way caught my typo on an older posting. I typed 'OJ' instead of PJ. It made me LOL!! Sorry about that though!)

Anyway, as the creator of the Hunterdon County Children's Writer's Group, I had to learn this lesson the hard way. In the beginning my article in the local newspaper attracted 60 members. A lot of them were well, a little off, shall I say... and would send me these nasty emails. At first I would get really affected by them and take time to respond back in length to explain my position. Then I wised up. I, too, decided to walk away from the computer. Let it sit a day or two and allow it to teach me a lesson, and then respond with something short and to the point. And sometimes, I learned, not responding is the best thing to do too. We all need time to breathe and reflect, and accept whatever lesson life is sending our way - sometimes easier said than done.

Great words of wisdom, PJ

PJ Hoover said...

Nothing better than walking away from a situation for a day! We all go through a weird series of emotions when something happens. Anger. Frustration. Really, all that's needed is a clear and open mind!
Thanks for the comment!