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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Really, a new, favorite holiday

Could Chinese New Year be any cooler? I got presents in the mail from my cousin and lucky money left on my desk at work (only a dollar - I hear in China, they actually get a month's salary). And today we headed over to Chinatown Austin for a real celebration.
OK, the Dim Sum place was too packed, but we got in to Wok on Fire and had some of the best Chinese food around. My friend I was with got some authentic clay pot dish. I settle on fancy won-ton soup. The kids split two orders of fried rice and egg drop soup.
Free candy. Fortune cookies. I didn't snag a bubble tea, but may remedy that tomorrow at East Bound Market close to home.
Demonstrations from a Chinese Dance School, a Hula Dance school (the two boys covered their eyes the whole time this was on stage), and a martial arts demonstration by our very own Austin Shaolin-Do Kung Fu school. We missed the Tiger and Dragon dance, but did get to see the performers dressed up in costume.

OK, my cousin tells me to spend the lucky money on something I enjoy with the hopes of bringing more of that joy into my life. And then she sent us each a dollar. My husband handed his dollar over to me. It's good to know this brought him joy. He understands how things work around our house. The kids put their dollars in their ATM machines. And I used mine to tip at the Chinese restaurant today.

Since they don't celebrate Egyptian New Year around these parts (August 1st), I'm happy to settle on Chinese!


Jim D said...

I love Chinese food! The New Years celebration can only make it better.

Jim D

PJ Hoover said...

The restaurant was so yummy! When you make it to Austin, we'll go.

carla said...

we missed that this weekend.



PJ Hoover said...

Then we'll have to save up and celebrate Egyptian New Year together!