"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." —J. R. R. Tolkien

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Time keeps on ticking ...

So we've made it through yet another scissor incident. This time involved the manicure scissors, a locked bathroom door, and a haircut.
Sigh. That one will require serious watching.

On a different note, after over a week away from WIP, I'm back at it. The monster presentation took some time, I had a conference call one night, and, wow, a whole week slips by. WIP, I've missed you.

Which brings to mind the whole time thing. Time is such a crazy thing. It keeps ticking by no matter what we do. If you don't jump in and start doing rather than talking about doing, a year from now, you'll be saying, "Oh, I've always wanted to write a book." "I've always wanted to take Kung Fu." "I've always wanted to *fill in your own blank here*".

Make a resolution today. What have you always been wanting to do? When can you start it?

In July, I get to give a presentation on Time Management and Goal Setting. I've always wanted to give a presentation on Time Management and Goal Setting. :)

OK, in the spirit of Cultasaurus Erectus, here's an easy one. What song and artist is the above title from?


Jen Bradbury said...

Steve Miller Band, right? Or Seal if you want to go more contemporary. But I don't. Steve Miller Band was the first concert I went to without my parents.

Christine M said...

The whole song is running through my head now - but I can't think of band or song name.

But wait! - your child took a manicure scissors to hair too? It must be something in the water. We had the same thing a couple of days ago.

TJBrown said...

Okay, now I won't be able to get rid of the Steve Miller song. Gah!

I have looked at my wip, but unfortunately that is all I have done. I have four pages to finish on chapter two and can't seem to make it. Sigh.

PJ Hoover said...

Yes, Jen, Steve Miller Band! I don't think I ever saw them in concert but I bet it was a great show! You win!

What's up with the scissors fascination, Chris? I can remember one bad bangs cut I did, but I must've been twelve at the time.

And Teri, since your are perfect starting today, I bet you finish off Chapter Two no problem!

Sheri said...

Oh I so agree with you OJ. tick, tock... my clock has been ticking all week. Here it will be Thursday tomorrow and I have only written a few new pages to my novel! I wanted to have chapters 4 and 5 done and polished this week. I just lost time. It really is like sand slipping through your fingers, isn't it.

Oh and I told you about the bathrooms and quiet kids!!! LOL, I cannot believe your next incident was in the bathroom! it will grow back, thankfully.

PJ Hoover said...

It will grow back, Sheri! In fact, it almost had since last year's hair cutting incident.

carla said...

now Im curious who wielded said scissors and if aforementioned individual would come to my house and cut my hair while I write and save me a trip!


Jim D said...

Time keeps ticking and the scissors keeps clicking.

If time is an issue, maybe Jill will loan out the calculator to suspend it....or do I mean Jack ... or Jackson?

PJ Hoover said...

Man, Jim, that calculator would come in so handy for SOOOO many things. First to mind comes sleep. I'd use that baby to stop time, sleep for twelve hours, and get up refreshed. At least a couple nights a week I would :)

Carla, I'll send her over anytime for that haircut. You'll have to sit on the toilet seat. Will that be a problem. And she likes to get right at the part. But with that fancy do-rag in your picture, this may actually work.