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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


A seriously good night of writing here. I love when a scene comes out of nowhere. It's not on my outline. It fits in perfectly. The characters start talking and whatever they say flows from the script they're reading to the computer in front of me.
Love when that happens.
And then end of scene. End of part one of my new WIP.

Status check - 19,000 words in. I figure I'll push hard on it the rest of this month and March, and I should have a first draft. Or don't some people call it draft zero.

Do you guys have a favorite book you read and re-read? One that helps you remember what voice is? For me, it's The Lightning Thief. Seriously. I plan to read it a gazillion times. To me, this book defines "voice". It is my comfort read.


Christine M said...

Congrats on a good night of writing. I need another day like that.

As far as comfort books. The Keeping Day series and related books by Norma Johnston. I've read them many many times and sometimes I just need to read them again.

The Lightning Thief is a great book though. I loved it - my kids loved it and they're eagerly awaiting number 4 in the series. -

- and of course my kids are eagerly awaiting the Fall - when The Emerald Tablet will be available. :)

dawn said...

I love when the muse takes over and the words just come. It's like watching the characters act out a movie scene and you're just writing it down. Unlike those other days, when the characters just stare back at you from the movie screen, yawning, wanting you to tell them what to do.

The only book I've read over and over (other than the ones I read to my kids) is THE STAND by Stephen King. It's a guilty pleasure, I know, but I just fall in love with his characters. I feel like they are good friends when I finish the book and I miss them when I haven't visited them for a while.

TJBrown said...

Congrats on the writing. mine has sucked lately. Sigh. I just can't seem to punch through till the end of the chapter.

I'll get it. Eventually.


PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, guys! I've been thinking more about my scene all day. I'm going to change the location. And make something else happen in the background. Not sure what yet, but it will come.

The Stand, Dawn! Isn't that like a gazillion pages long! I loved the TV movie they made of it, and imagine the book is fascnating. I love the idea behind it. It would be great to work into a novel one day.

Thanks for stopping by you guys! And for making sure your kids will read (and love) The Emerald Tablet, Chris!
"You will read it, and you will like it. And you will recommend it to all your friends. Or no candy!" :)

Erin said...

Rereading any of Shannon Hale's books work as comfort reads for me. :)

PJ Hoover said...

I've bought some for my niece but haven't yet any myself! I must add them to the list. Thanks for stopping by, Erin, and hope you're feeling great!

Sheri said...

Hmmmm... A book I read and re-read?? No, not yet. But there are some that capture voice that I just love and always think about and I guess when I get through my list of books I must read, I will have time to go back and re-read my favorites.

Out of the Dust and Walk Two Moons are amongst my absolute, all time favorites. I did recently re-read Number the Stars because my 5th grader had to read it for school. I loved it just as much the second time around. What I am noticing as I read MG novels, is the simplicity in the structure of the sentences. I tend to be a little too descriptive, and I need to hold back my reigns and let it come out a little bit at a time.

I do love when those chapters come out of nowhere though and the characters just speak out loud to you. What a great night you had PJ. Personally, I am not having that this time. Chapter 5 is a painful write. I am struggling for the first time in this 6th version! And I don’t know why! I have to say, it’s more like a first draft all over again because I decided to change from third to first person. It was a huge and wonderful change for the book, but now it is like starting over from square one. Ugh! I’d give anything for a flowing day!!!! 

PJ Hoover said...

Then I'll send lots of flowing, good-writing-day thoughts your way, Sheri!
I love when I read a book again and love it as much as the first time!

Sheri said...

So that's why all of a sudden my chapter five started flowing again - slowly, but at least there was a trickle. I wrote more to you on my blog after your last comment -

HipWriterMama said...

That is so awesome. Maybe you can send some of that productiveness my way.

Loved The Lightning Thief. Haven't read any books over lately since my TBR pile is huge.

Here's to more great writing!