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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Worlds Collide

Random: Who's have thought so many people Googled "Lunar Moon Myth" yesterday? I got something like a gazillion hits on the blog.

Lots of you know, aside from writing, I also design chips. Computer chips. Not Doritos, though sometimes I wonder if a little Cool Ranch wouldn't spice things up a bit.

So my question for the day is:
What does writing and chip design have in common?

OK, I'll give you the answer. Lots of the cell phones you guys carry around have one of my chips in it. Treo - got it. Blackberry - got it. Now the Kindle is out, and, yep, that's right, it's got one of my chips in it.

Disclaimer: If you own a Treo, Blackberry, or Kindle and something goes wrong, do not email me. Just reboot it. That almost always does the trick with my Treo.


Unknown said...

I'm always puzzled by the weird search terms on my blogs, too. Even when I try those very same terms, my blogs don't always come up.


And yes, rebooting my Treo helps, but I'm also tempted to try drop-kicking, just for a change of pace.

Jill Douglass said...

Hey, I've got one of your chips! Whoopee!!

PJ Hoover said...

I've dropped mine multiple times and it's still managed to hang in there.

Did you get a Kindle, Jill, or just the Treo???

Jim Danielson said...

Thanks for plugging Frito Lay products Tricia -- did I ever explain that's where son #2's paycheck comes from.

Cool that your chip is in a Kindle, although I'm still trying to figure out exactly what a Kindle does.

Jim D

PJ Hoover said...

Frito Lay rocks! I don't think you did explain about son #2's paycheck. Is he lucky enough to be a taster?

You can read books on a Kindle. And, when you don't know what a word means, there is a built in dictionary. I haven't bought one. Probably won't for a while. But I will check one out next time I have a chance.

Jill Douglass said...

I have a blackberry. I drop it all the time, and it still keeps kickin'

Barrie said...

PJ, you are one very talented person!

I'm curious to know how you ended up in electrical engineering... :)