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Thursday, March 20, 2008

What's on the Wish List This Year

So my son went to the book fair preview today. I kind of shudder at these book fairs. Normally his wish list consists of plenty of books but an equal number of toys or movie tie-ins.
Not this time. This time he had all books.

Here's my consensus after reading the list:
- I know he's my son.
- I know he's a boy.
- I know he's smart (OK, I am his mom - I can say this).

The first book on the list is Tunnels. I've been wanting this, and given the great hardback price, it's a must have.
Book 2 is The Titan's Curse. I told him I already have this, but he didn't quite get that we could share the copy. Still it may be worth getting a second copy seeing as how it was such a fantastic book.
Third - The Curse of the Campfire Weenies. Yes, this proves he is a boy. I asked if he picked it only because it had the word "weenies" in the title. He insisted no, it was because the weenies have arms and legs and faces, and after seeing the cover, I agree. It is cute.
Fourth - The Fall of the Templar. So the Templars have taken over kid-lit too?
Fifth - Never Land. Wait. Is this a Tinkerbell book? Maybe he picked it for my daughter?
Sixth - Epic Battles Star Wars
Seventh - The Story of Darth Vader
(Did I mention George Lucas is a genius?)
(And no, I don't consider the Star Wars books movie tie-ins. They go way beyond that).
Eights - The Dag - No idea on this one what it is.
And Last - Sea Monsters. I clarified that this was not The Sea of Monsters, and he insisted it is a big book (as big as his shark book) on sea creatures.

So there you have it. He is a boy. He is my son. And he is smart.


Christine M said...

Yup - he's a boy, he's your son and he's smart. Don't you love it when you can see what your kids love through their book lists!

Anonymous said...

We did the book fair thing this week too and also visited it at our school's open house. I too get very frustrated that they peddle toys, games, and other non-book items at these events. I repeatedly had to tell my 3-year old son that what he picked out was a toy, not a book and that he had to put it back. It was a bit easier with my 6-year old daughter. N

PJ Hoover said...

Chris, it is so cool to see what he picks out and to hope (pray) that he will grow up with some of the same reading loves I have.

N, the toy thing is horrible! I actually read an article about this just recently. I think they are trying to cut down on it. You are brave to bring the younger one with you.

Barrie said...

I have to admit I am always very curious to see my kids choose at the book fair. Also, our teachers put up a wish list. And I'm always interested in seeing those (and contributing). :)

PJ Hoover said...

Hey Barrie! I love the book fair :) Always have since I was in elementary. And I think the kids love the independence of being able to make their own wish list.

Patty P said...

Book fairs...the real tell-all for what grabs your kids attention. For me, or rather for my boys, they always went after the stupid computer games. Arghh!
At least my daughter now choses books I love. Used to be anything pink, but now she's expanded into purple.

PJ Hoover said...

Hey Patty! Ah, the purple and pink thing. It's like walking down the romance aisle at the bookstore!
I was actually surprised to not see any Transformer books on the list this time. I guess they're pushing Star Wars more.