"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." —J. R. R. Tolkien

Friday, June 27, 2008

Five on a Friday Night

I still made it on Friday (with 1.5 hours to spare)!

So here's my five for the week.

1) Today was the first day of a three day workshop. I had about 45 minutes devoted entirely to me! My first ten pages. Can you say "awesome feedback"? It's actually amazing the great stuff I got (from 26 critiquers). Can't wait to incorporate everything. But I will. I'm not (officially) starting another revision until I get back from Virginia.

2) And speaking of Virginia, I leave on Monday with the kids. So excited!

3) Here's my new motto for summer (such a crazy time). Do what you can, and accept what you cannot do. Don't stress yourself out or ruin your life. Take a break from the hectic nature of the crazy schedules and relax!

4) Is anyone else really looking forward to the release of Journey to the Center of The Earth?

5) Speaking of the workshop, it's at a rather famous author's house who happened to have an enormous stack of ARCs she'd finished and was giving away. I came home with tons of new books! The kids were thrilled. I was thrilled. OK, nothing for my husband, but he's reading The Count of Monte Cristo right now which will keep him busy for a while anyway.

Happy weekend all around!


Christine M said...

Sounds like a great workshop! Have a fantastic vacation!

Amy said...

On #4: It's Brendan Fraser, honey. He could spend the entire two hours reading Robert's Rules of Order in Latin and I'd be there.

Not that I'm obsessed or anything.


Jason said...

I'm definitely looking forward to Journey. I haven't seen him in anything much since The Mummy Returns, so this should be a cool movie. I always liked him.

Glad you had a good week!

Dawn Buthorn said...

I am going to take your motto and tape it to the wall over my desk! I need to remind myself of that.

Kelly said...

Yay for workshops! Have a great time in VA. Kids and Mom and I were there for the first time in my life last year and we loved it.

carla said...

so excited for you about the feedback.

If I miss you travel safely.


laurasmagicday said...

OOOOO! Have a great vacation:)

Sounds like a wonderful workshop too. So nice to receive great feedback and such individual attention. What was the name of the workshop?

I like your new summer motto. No kidding. I'm so not stressing right now about everything I should be doing besides researching for my next book.

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Chris! It is great, but exhausting! And then there was the party and all tonight. Pictures to come :)

Yes, Amy, it's the summer of Brendan Fraser. August 1 is another (awesome) Mummy movie. Must be in like for that.

Ditto, Jason, and welcome back to the world of blogging! You can look forward to not one but two Brendan movies! I've liked him ever since Blast from the Past!

Me too, Dawn! I need to repeat it daily as I look around the house. Accept when I cannot get done!

I love DC, Kelly! And seeing as how the whole trip is research...
I loved growing up there!

Thanks, Carla! Do I miss your birthday? And I'm excited too. And seeing how other people think and critique is great!

Thanks for the vacation wishes, Laura! And the workshop is a special Austin one with no real name. And it's intense!
I'm so not stressing now either, and plan to recharge on goals when I get back from Virginia!

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

Sheri said...

PJ, Can I just say how much I love your #3 on this Friday's list...

Lenore said...

Sounds like a great workshop :)

PJ Hoover said...

Sheri, I love my #3 also! It's so nice to write it down :)

It was a great workshop, Lenore! I'll post more about it later today!