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Friday, July 25, 2008

Five on a Friday

Happy Friday! Camp week here, so it's been somewhat blissful all the way around. Except for my husband who thought I might cook for him this week. Yeah, I still need to work on that cooking thing.

1) Stretch!
I'm headed to a day workshop in September for which I can submit the first three pages of something. I've been kicking a new idea around in my head, and this week started on it. I've got my three pages and more.
The stretch part? It's first person present tense. I haven't tried present tense before.
Note - I mentioned it to my husband. I thought his response would be kind of glazed over nodding. He surprised me by saying, "I love present tense. It just has so much impact."
So I challenged him on what he could think of in present tense.
He says, "Call me Ishmael."

2) I got carded at H-E-B the same week a kid at Kung Fu camp told my son, "Wow, your mom looks old." I think the cashier was being nice when he joked about it being a fake ID. I pointed out not many people would make a fake ID with the age of 38 on it.

3) Just for fun!
I started a "Draw Your Own Nogical" thing over on my website.
Wonder what a Nogical is? You'll have to read The Emerald Tablet to find out.
Have your kids draw a Nogical (or draw one yourself), scan it in, and email it to me, and I'll post it!

4) The week brought two great reviews for The Emerald Tablet!
Thanks to Eleanor at Presenting Lenore and Daphne Grab at The Longstockings for the reviews.

My favorite line from the first:
"This is FREAKING awesome!" - Yeah it's hard to beat that.

My favorite line from the second:
"After about two sentences I felt like I knew him (Benjamin) and was happy to know I’d be hanging out with him for a few hundred more pages."

5) Three huge boxes of books arrived from my parent's house. While visiting, I boxed up a bunch of my kid books from when I was little. Favorites when I unpack them!

Happy weekend! We had rain here in Austin, so it's a veritable cold front.


Christine M said...

Sounds like five fun things for a Friday. How funny about being carded. And who drew the Nogical in the picture?

PJ Hoover said...

Maybe I did?
No, actually, it was my son. He drew it at school and was thrilled when I posted it.
Hmmm. I need to draw my own.
And I think I only got carded because the store was darn near empty and the guy was bored.

keri mikulski :) said...

I love getting carded. :) Congratulations on the reviews. Great stuff. :)

PJ Hoover said...

Yeah, the getting carded is actually kind of nice. I wonder if people do it just to make older women happy.
Have a great weekend, Keri!

Alison said...

What great reviews! And I can't believe a kid said you looked old! You so don't, as the cashier proved by carding you. I wonder what kids will say when my baby is 7 and I really am old to be his mom! (Of course, I remember thinking that 20 was old.)

Sarah Rettger said...

Going through childhood books is so much fun! (Except that I'd love to reread the out-of-print Rosa-Too-Little, and my copy seems to have disappeared.) Looking forward to learning what the highlights are.

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks for saying I don't look old, Alison! Course this morning, I didn't have makeup on and I'd just worked out, so maybe that helped???

I know exactly what you mean, Sarah! I got excited just looking over their titles. But, also, some never really grabbed me. I'll post those, too!

Jim D said...

Okay, 1st person - present tense does intimidate me. Next time I need a stretch, I'm trying it!

The last place that carded me has been closed down for over 30 years. :-)

Jim D

PJ Hoover said...

You've got your poetry you're stretching with, Jim, which is great!
And funny on the carding. But you're a guy. I think that makes a difference.
Did they even card 30 years ago?

beth said...

Don't you love starting a new story? That's the best thing about writing!

And good luck with the present tense...it will be interesting to see that developed. And kudos to your husband for coming up with an example so quickly (even though I HATE Moby Dick)

PJ Hoover said...

Starting a new story is amazing, Beth! I can't stop thinking about it. And I know, on the present tense. It's weird. But feels right.

So, I'm curious. Is all of Moby Dick (which I've never read so I can't even not like it) in present or past or mixed?

beth said...

uhhh....every time I think of it, I have horrifying flashbacks of AP Senior English.

All I remember about it is the very very very vivid details of being elbow-deep in the goop of a sperm whale.

It's #1 of my most hated books in the world list!!! :)