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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Photo Five on a Friday (Posted Thursday night)

Not only are we an hour ahead here in Alexandria, we're on the east side of the time zone. You'd think these two would equal early bedtime bliss for the kids. Not quite the case, but it is vacation after all.

My new saying for the rest of vacation/summer/life.
Take the time to dip your feet in the fountain.
(Yes, we stopped at the fountain sculpture garden outside the Museum of Art today. Yes, we took the time to dip our feet in).

So here's my five on a Friday.

1) DC is getting totally ready for its big Fourth of July celebration. I'm curious how many lines will feed into all these babies. And this wasn't the only row of them.
There's no place like DC on the Fourth.

2) Me hoping Jenny Ziegler's writing brilliance will rub off on me.

3) For those times when you need a giant mental eraser.

4) Me arriving for the Awesome Austin Writers' Workshop last Saturday.

5) Yes, everything around here is named after George Washington and Mount Vernon.
My son had house envy after our visit here.
i was just hoping to spot Nicholas Cage.

Happy Holiday Weekend to everyone! Post a Photo Five this week for fun!


Sarah Rettger said...

Are you going to the parade and fireworks tomorrow? I was in DC for the 4th a few years ago, and while I had fun, the enduring memory is how quickly I downed a very large bottle of Poland Spring (yeah, it was hot).

PJ Hoover said...

LOL! No, we're skipping! The thought of trying to wrangle the jogging stroller on the Metro on the 4th makes me shudder. I don't think I can handle that many dirty looks :)

Jim D said...

Taste of Chicago has very similar lineups to pic #1.

Fireworks there are tonight -- notice I'm home on my puter.

Have a great vacation! (And send some of YOUR brilliance my way to rub off for this weeks revisions for my WIP)

Jim D

PJ Hoover said...

Why is there just something funny about that many Port-a-potties in one place, Jim? Talk about a job I wouldn't want!
I'm hoping they shoot fireworks tomorrow over George's house as we're hanging at the homestead for the Fourth.
And I'll send you all my writing brilliance for the next two weeks. I'm just soaking up ideas until then.

Dawn Buthorn said...

So, no Nicholas Cage?

Amy said...

LOL on picture one.

Sad that Nicolas Cage wasn't there. Really, he should be, you know?

Have a happy 4th!

keri mikulski :) said...

Enjoy and happy 4th! :)

Vivian said...

You had me at Nicholas Cage. Sigh.

So did you get to see any of the George Washington artifacts they've just discovered, or is it all under wraps?

Glad you're having a great vacation!

Jason said...

Those are some cool pictures, PJ, especially the giant eraser thing, ha. Hope you have a great 4th.

PJ Hoover said...

No Nicholas Cage, Dawn. Though really, it would have been nice. Maybe for the next movie.

The toilets crack me up, Amy! Just thinking about how gross they'll be end of day. yuck!
Should I send Nicholas an email and ask him to come visit next time?

Happy 4th to you, too, Keri! Big doings around the DC area. But you're not too far away, are you?

Hey Vivian, I hear they have a whole new museum and all, but really, with the kiddos, just managing to do what we did was good enough. Keep them walking, buy them ice cream, and point out the pretty paint colors and the crib.

Thanks, Jason! I loved the giant erasor. We didn't make it to the Lincoln Memorial end of the Mall this time, but next week we'll head over. Must let the crazy holiday traffic clear out.

Thanks for visiting, everyone!

beth said...

Love the photo idea! I may have to steal it :) Happy Fourth!

PJ Hoover said...

No stealing required, Beth! Photos are fun.
Welcome back! We've missed you :)

Jason said...

That's cool, PJ. Take your time. Glad you and your family are having fun.

Anonymous said...

You are so right. Fourth of July has come to mean Port-a-potties all in a row and great deals on mattress sets.

God bless America!

Seriously -- I hope it was great fun. I always thought celebrating the Fourth in D.C. would feel more meaningful. Did it?

Miss you, O' brilliant one. (See I was siphoning off your clever mind in that photo.) Come back to meeeee ....!


PJ Hoover said...

Hey Jenny, we didn't make it downtown for the fireworks, but we did catch them over Mount Vernon. We'll let the crowds thin a bit and then hit the District during the week.
But you know there is something special about being around DC during the fourth. It does mean more, even not being actually there. I love this area. Could we relocate AAWW here?
Coffee with Carla when I get back?

Lenore said...

Funny - I am in DC right now too!

We went to Gravelly Point (near National airport) to watch the fireworks last night.

Tabitha said...

I'm with Jim. I stayed home from the Chicago fireworks too. I went once several years ago, and have no desire to go back. :)

Great pictures! Hope you're having fun!

PJ Hoover said...

That's a great place, Lenore! I used to go there in high school. And going during the day with the planes flying over is SOOOO loud!
How cool you're here, and I hope you enjoy your visit!

Thanks for visiting, Tabitha! Messing with crowds can be such a downer. Maybe once my kids are older I'll get that bug again, but until then, we'll enjoy them from afar (unless we get back to Disney soon).

Sheri said...

Love the huge eraser. I actually haven't seen one like that in so long. I think they used to be for type writers... is that right? I don't know why I remember it that way...

Were the fireworks rained out in DC? They were here.

PJ Hoover said...

I think it was for a type writer, Sheri. But i'll ask my mom for sure. She even knew shorthand!
The fireworks shot off over Mount Vernon and at Fort Belvoir, so I don't think they were rained out at the mall. Maybe delayed a bit, but they sure are nice when it's dark!
Thanks for visiting!

Kelly said...

I hope the 4th was great, Tricia!

PJ Hoover said...

It was! Thanks, Kelly! And I'm glad you arrived safely :)