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Friday, August 08, 2008

Five on a Friday

It's the last week of camp here for the summer which means two weeks ahead with me and the kids hanging out. We're planning to do some relaxing (I realize now kids need this time, too), maybe a trip to Natural Bridge Caverns, and possibly even a sleepover for my son. Am I up for the challenge of having another little boy stay the night? Should be interesting.

Top for the day: A special Happy Birthday to my Aunt Stella (who does not read this blog). She turns 90 today! Wish I could be there for the party!

Here's my five for the week!

1) I have two new interviews up in the blog world this week. If you're just crazy to know more about me or The Emerald Tablet, you can pop over to
Kyle at the Book Review Maniac
Jessica at Trainspotting Reads
Thanks for the interview opportunities you guys!

2) Alison Dellenbaugh posted some great pics from the kidlit happy hour the other night. Check them out here!

3) WIP is coming along great. I'm participating in an Editor's Day thing here in Austin in September. Basically each participant submits the first three pages of something by tomorrow(!) and then Jill Santopolo, Senior Editor at Harper Collins, and Cynthia Leitich Smith, award winning author, spend ten minutes talking about each piece in front of the group. My three pages will come from this new WIP.

4) Have you guys seen this Emotion Thesaurus? It's the most amazing, fantastic thing in the world (of writing). This is one of those things I've been meaning to do, but these gals beat me to it and did a fantastic job!

5)In an effort to volunteer more at my son's school, I signed up to write the PTA newsletter! Now this is a task I can handle. Work at home. Write. Learn more about the school. And feel good about the volunteer thing, too.

Have a great weekend! If you've got two (kid's) birthday parties and a get together on the agenda like us, I know you will!


Tabitha said...

I *love* Angela and Becca's Emotion Thesaurus! It's so handy to just peek at what they've got when I'm stuck. :)

We've got a birthday party to go to tomorrow, and I'm making the cake for it - a Fender guitar. I've made cakes before, but none quite like this. So we'll see how it goes. :)

PJ Hoover said...

You have to post a picture of the cake, Tabitha! A Fender guitar is way impressive.
Have fun!

beth said...

Yeah, I want to see the pick, too!

beth said...

pick --> pic

I shouldn't try to read three blogs at once :(

PJ Hoover said...

But that's what multitasking is all about, Beth. Just get yourself and Roomba and then you can vacuum while reading three blogs at once!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for sharing the emotion thesaurus! That's so cool:) And Congrats on your blog interviews. You must be on cloud 9!

PJ Hoover said...

Isn't it awesome, Laura? I'm (look up actions for happiness) just overjoyed about it.
And thanks on the interviews! It's cool to see them out there.

Tabitha said...

Okay, I'll post the cake pics. :) Look for them on my blog tomorrow. :)

Are you doing more interviews? That's really exciting! :) Are you going to do a blog tour when your book is out? I'd like to work in some author interviews on my blog at some point (my blog is still new, so I'm still working stuff out). If you're interested, I'd love to add an interview of you there. :)

PJ Hoover said...

Consider it done, Tabitha! I'd love to do an interview. I don't have an official blog tour set up (though at one point the publisher did mention it), but I do have more interviews scheduled for the fall. It's always so cool to see the variety of different questions people ask!

Vivian said...

Very nice interviews! I love how you came up with the idea of The Emerald Tablet.

Congrats on the great reviews!

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Vivian! Did you ever watch Matthew Star? Aren't we of the same generation?

Sheri said...

I LOVE that emotion thesarus. I love the whole blog as a matter of fact. Thanks for the link.

And things are really happening for you in all good ways. I am so happy for you!

Jim D said...

I'm going to read the interviews right now.

And it'll be interesting to see if there's a guitar pick in the guitar pic from Tabitha. (Way to slip in that double meaning Beth!)

Jim D

PJ Hoover said...

I agree, Sheri! Their whole blog is great! How have I missed it? No longer :)
And thank you so much! You are such a great, great person and I know there are huge things in your future!

Wow, Jim, great idea. Can you get a pick on the pic, Tabitha?

Tabitha said...

LOL!! I forgot about the pick, but that's a great idea. Next cake for sure. :)