"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." —J. R. R. Tolkien

Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday Thoughts for the Day

No, I haven't read Breaking Dawn yet. I admit it - I've read a few reviews, and it puts my mind at ease. I don't need to rush out and read the book. Now whether I'm happy with the ending or not? I'll save that opinion until I read it myself.

First thought for the day: What does this painted turtle bank have to do with writing?

Last week, my kids and I did a painting project. And we had enough turtles, I could even paint one myself. After all, the paint washes off stuff for the most part, so my three-year-old could handle things herself.
I painted the first couple colored dots, and thought, "There are so many. I'll never finish this. This will take so long." And I almost stopped and smeared it over in a single color.
But then I thought to myself, "I write novels. Long ones. Certainly I have it in me to take the time to finish this silly little turtle."
Isn't he cute?

Second thought for the day: Take time to stop and enjoy a sunset from time to time. Use the time as a recharge. Thank whoever you thank for all the wonderful things in your life. Relax.

Third thought for the day: Be creative and have fun while you do even simple things like eat. (And no comments on the nutritious dinners we eat around here).

Final thought for the day: Get to know your neighbors.
While driving home on Saturday, I notice my husband is talking to the woman across the street. She's all excited, and as I find out, they are moving today. We've lived across from them for 13 years, seen their children grow up. All that.
So she says to my husband, "What's your name anyway?"

Why is this funny?


Sheri said...

Wow I get the coveted space as being the first one to reply! I feel very special!

Sounds like you've been reading The Artist's Way recently. I like your tidbits of advice for daily living in a creative and beautiful way.

I especially love your turtle, because it is a tangible analogy to novel writing. You think (I still do from time to time) I'll never finish, but when I look back and see all the dots I have already colored, I know I am half way there!

PJ Hoover said...

And the more dots I colored, Sheri, the better it looked and the more excited I got.
I know you will finish!
I haven't read the Artist's Way, but it sounds familiar. I'll have to google it! And thanks!

beth said...

I will be very interested to discover your thoughts on Breaking Dawn...

PJ Hoover said...

One thing I know... whether I like it or not, I won't return it! Yikes that people are doing this.

Kelly said...

Love the lunches, Tricia :) Nice job!

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Kelly! So do you think they look healthy? I have fruits and carbs, and even some protein in the almonds. The problem was very little of it got eaten. But it was leftover night, so what can I say?

Tabitha said...

Love the turtle analogy. :)

I'm feeling the same way about Breaking Dawn. I've already read the spoilers, so I'm not in any rush. :) I hope you'll post your thoughts when you're done!

Sheryl said...

This is nice... especially the advice to enjoy the little things... be thankful for them and relax.

My anti-working activity (outside of reading) is laundry and cleaning closets maybe I should call it a curse instead.

I'm reading Breaking Dawn now... so I'm trying to steer clear of spoilers.

keri mikulski :) said...

Great advice, PJ. :) And I'm still on book 2 - New Moon.

PJ Hoover said...

I thought the turtle analogy worked well, Tabitha! Sometimes little things seem like so much, but then we look at what we can do and know anything is possible.
We can compare notes on BD later!

Wow, laundry and closet cleaning, Sheryl! Can I hire you :) Actually, given the time, I don't mind either. And I've been pretty good about not letting the laundry build up.
Hope you're enjoying BD.

Twilight was fabulous, wasn't it, Keri! And New Moon is different from it to say the least.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sheri said...

The Artist's Way helped me so much to own the fact that I am a writer and that that's OK. It made me see I was not alone with the way I saw the world. It was one of the first books I read when I was coming "out" from being a closeted writer!!! (hahaha)

And I really do love that... "the more dots I colored the better it look and the more excited I got." This is a perfect analogy to writing!

Thanks for the vote of confidence! Sometimes I think I would get a lot more done if I turned off blogspot though! :)

TJ Brown said...

Nice turtle!

I haven't read any of the books, but I might now that they are all out:)

PJ Hoover said...

Yep, Sheri! The more pages I write, the more excited I get, and the more I want to write! It's a wonderful circle with such reward at the end!

You should read them, Teri! Stephanie Meyer does a fantastic job of the romance in Twilight. Amazing, really!

Vivian said...

Oh, I'll agree...Twilight was amazing! Nice turtle! I thought you chose great Eygptian colors!

Thanks for reminding us to slow down to enjoy things. I needed that.

PJ Hoover said...

Yes, Vivian, I highly recommend encouraging your kids to make faces with their food. It keeps the bickering away!
And the sunset was gorgeous!
You're right on the colors. They do look very Egyptian, don't they!

Sheri said...

i just looked up Stephanie Meyer. I can't get over how quickly her life changed. I mean, probably not to her, but she published the first book in 2005 and now has a movie coming out in Dec 2008! Wow! That's fast! I wonder how much she cares about the mixed reviews of Breaking Dawn.

PJ Hoover said...

Yeah, I wonder, too. Gut reaction is it's still got to hurt, even if you're a gazillionaire. She's got to feel a bit betrayed by her fans. But then her fans may feel betrayed by her, too.
But, you know, for all that money, I'd probably get over it pretty quickly and just write something else.

Sheri said...

I didn't realize that she is the one they were saying is the American JK Rowling. I was in a Borders yesterday and her books were everywhere. In the window display, on several tables, and everywhere you looked was Twilight paraphernalia... calendars, T-shirts, pocket planners, and so on and so on and so on. Yeah, I agree, she has to be somewhat hurt. But it's also a lesson learned - you can't let down your readers.

BTW we seemed to be on the same blogging schedule yesterday. :)