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Monday, September 08, 2008

Attention to Details, Roots in Myth

As mentioned, this past weekend we headed to a Renaissance Faire (very small) and a Dino exhibit here in Austin.

First, the Dino Dig. I guess it's traveling around the country or something. Pretty fun tromping around the woods learning about all sorts of cool species. Not to mention I held a REAL dinosaur bone which was around 165 millions years old. Or something like that. I didn't write it down.
Anyway, one thing I loved (and love in books, movies, etc) is attention to detail. Take for instance this barricade to keep people out:

Make sure to click on the picture to make it bigger so you can read the sign.
Love when creators of things take the time to add details like this.

Another interesting point was the roots in mythology. Special to my heart, given the name of this blog.
For example, there is Quetzalcoatus.

And a Medusa Fern. (*note - I do try to keep the kids' pictures out of the blog, but my daughter refused to cooperate. We compromised here)

The point being mythology is everywhere. We can't escape it!

Final note - There's nothing like a little sword fighting and gnawing on a giant turkey leg to get the creative juices flowing. Lacking was any ale or meade, but it was a kid park, and I took care of that once I got home. Speaking of which, has anyone actually tried meade? My bold boss bought me some once, and it was yucky. Not quite as bad as Saki, but I rank them in the same category. Ugh!


C.R. Evers said...

Reality can be magical too, you just have to know where to look. Gosh, I'll be sure to stay out of the Dino food delivery area. Yikes! ;0)


PJ Hoover said...

I know, Christy! I had images of Jurassic Park running through my head when they tried to feed the raptors. Yikes!
The world is just a magical place, isn't it!

Tabitha said...

We recently went to a Rennaisance fair, and my boys thought it was...interesting. All the boisterous people running all over the place had them intrigued, but not enough to actually get out of the stroller. Not until they saw the spider fairy weaving a web...they were all over that. :)

PJ Hoover said...

The sword-fighting was a big attraction for my kids, Tabitha, but even more so was the fantastic playscape just across the way. We spent hours there.

Devon Ellington said...

Great pictures. I feel the same way about both meade and saki.


PJ Hoover said...

Double ick, Devon. I can't even have it near me on the table.

Christine M said...

Sounds like a great weekend. And about meade - my husband is planning on making some this week. You'll have to come by and try it when it's ready. I'm sure it will be good. :)

PJ Hoover said...

For you, Chris, I would try meade again. So yeah, it's a date! Can I sleep over in case I have too much?

Carrie Harris said...

Oh, my son adores Rennaisance Faires, and I'm right there behind him. Actually, I've been tossing around an idea for a book set at one, because that's just fun. Anyway, loved the pics!

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Carrie! They are super fun. My son loved the fighting. My daughter loved running around the tents!

Lapillus said...

Looks like a bunch of fun! The last Ren faire I went to had jousting. I think that was my favorite bit of the day.

I feel the same about meade and saki, too. Yuck!

PJ Hoover said...

I love the jousting, too, Casey! There wasn't any at this event - it was too small.
What is it about meade? It's all people drink in high fantasy type novels.

Gottawrite Girl said...

Medusa fern, I love it! Also, when is your release date? Any plans for that day, I wonder? You'll have to let us know all about it...October '08 will blaze in your authorial memory forever!!!!

beth said...

I love the idea of the importance of detail. To me, that's the difference between a book I read and enjoy once vs. one I pour over and read again and again. That's what held the Harry Potter appeal for me, and so many other fantasy works--finding new details that add deeper meaning.

Jim D said...

Meade, rennaisance faires, dino traveling shows......

Boy, I haven't lived.

(Is it time for a bucket list???)

Jim D

Rebecca said...

Dino Food. Too funny!

Saw a sign at a bike trail this weekend that said Speed Limit: 5 mph. Who has a spedometer on their bike?

PJ Hoover said...

I loved the Medusa fern, too, Susan (GWG)! And my daughter has a special affection for Medusa seeing as how I dressed her up as Medusa for Rick Riordan's latest BookPeople party.
Release day - probably not. I am having a release party on the 26th.
Now that's not saying I won't sneak over to BookPeople and take a peek.

It's it great when these details are in place, Beth! I'm not a TV watcher not, but The Simpsons used to be so great at attention to detail. And Monsters Inc was a perfect movie for this!

Definitely, Jim. Time for a bucket list. You live near a Medieval Times I think. You should go to that at least!

That's funny to have a bike speed limit, Rebecca! Sometimes I'd be surprised if I was going even that fast!

Thanks for visiting, everyone!

keri mikulski :) said...

Great pics. Thanks for sharing. :) Looks like a great time.

TJ Brown said...

Mead is gross. GROSS.

I went to Medivial Times in LA... tons of fun. There's just something about yelling, "More ale, wench!" That brings out the history buff in all of us:)

PJ Hoover said...

It was a great weekend, Keri!

Love it, Teri! More ale, wench! Too funny!

Angela said...

Sounds like a load of fun. I liked the sign and you're right, mythology is everywhere, popping up to confirm that we have an endless fascination with it.

We live about 45 minutes from the Royal Tyrell Museum, a world class palaeontology centre. You can actually watch paleontology students working on restore or uncovering dino bones, or take a tour dig out to the badlands to find fossils and dino bone shards. It's an amazing place.

PJ Hoover said...

Wow, Angela! That's awesome! Can we come visit?
And you nailed it - there is an endless fascination with mythology.
I love that!

Angela said...

Very cool town to make the dinos come alive. The fighting and food reminded me of fest we have here in the fall. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

PJ Hoover said...

It was a great time, Angela! I love getting out and doing stuff like this!

Thanks for visiting!

Beth Kephart said...

The first thing I ever bought my son (and I was four months pregnant at the time) was a stuffed animal we called Dino. And which I still have.

Now, at last, I know where to go to feed him.


laurasmagicday said...

You are so right! Everything is inspirational:) I love the Dino food sign LOL! Believe it or not I just called my daughter to make arrangements to attend the Ren Faire here in NorCal too:) Something about the Renaissance and fantasy writers? I'm glad you got your faire on! And stay out of IKE's way:) Thinking of you:)

Vivian said...

Too fun! And I totally love your daughter's, er, the Medusa Fern's photo. Something my kids would do.

Sarah Rettger said...

Chris, that's so cool that your husband is *making* mead. Somehow I've never been able to convince my resident beekeeper that it would be a good use of our honey.

This post (and subsequent discussion of mead) reminded me that I haven't written about this year's honey harvest yet.

I do write about books on my blog, really - just, you know, not this week.

PJ Hoover said...

How precious, Beth! Make sure you know if he's a carnivore or herbivore. Or maybe he's like me - a happy omnivore.

Thanks, Laura! I think Ike will stay away from us Austinites! Maybe we'll even get a chance spot of rain (watch it start downpouring any second).
Yes, I do believe there is a fantasy author / Renaissance Faire connection for sure!

Yes, my daughter surprises me on a daily basis, Vivian, with the darling, obstinate things she does. She couldn't resist the fern or the picture!

You're a beekeeper, Sarah? Or at least married to one. And Chris's husband makes Meade. Man, the things you learn about people! I am in awe of the blogosphere!
I wanna hear about the honey! HOw awesome is that!

Marcia said...

Actually, there's a bit of space on the left of that barricade for the rule-breakers to slip through . . . :)Have to agree about the mead and saki. We received a saki set as a wedding present eons ago that we have never touched.

PJ Hoover said...

Oh, I wish I'd tried to break the rules, Marcia! Now that would have been a story. To slip through and risk life and limb to see what dinos really eat!
A Saki set for a wedding! Can you regift it?

Liviania said...

Wish I had known about the Ren Faire - I probably would've gathered some friends to go.

I don't know how to judge meade now, as both of my parents like sake.

PJ Hoover said...

Wait, Liviania, are you in Austin? I didn't get this from your interview but see Texas on your MySpace. Have you been to the Renaissance Faire near Houston? It's totally worth it. I saw signs advertising it at HEB just today!

And...shudder...on the saki. Your parents are brave people.
Though I used to not like coffee. And now I can't start my day without it!

Thanks for visiting!

Sarah Rettger said...

Daughter of one, actually. Wouldn't object to it in a husband, but I'm still looking for one of those :-)

PJ Hoover said...

Perfect, Sarah! Limiting your choices to beekeeper should narrow down your possibilities nicely!