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Monday, September 15, 2008

School Visits - What's my niche?

So I've been trying to put together info on my website and a brochure for school visits, and in doing so, I need to figure out what I can talk about. There are the general ideas. I'll get up and talk about writing, character development, and plot. But isn't this what everyone talks about?

I thought about it, and now I believe I've found my niche - being science-fiction and fantasy, a love of mythology, and the desire to spread the good word of goals and time management to kids as young as they get.

Here's the inside of my brochure.

And if you pop over here, you can check out the same information on my website.

So who's ready to hire me?
And if you have a suggestion, please email me!

Status report on Ike: Not a drop of rain here in Austin. I had to water the plants Saturday night. Not that I'm complaining. We were safe, kept power, and overall had a great weekend.
And I've turned off the A/C here for the first time in months and have the windows open, letting cool air permeate the house!
I love fall! It's my favorite season.

And I'm off to Oklahoma Wednesday morning. I'll post more tomorrow with details, but here's one big thing: I'm going to be on TV!
OK, not just me. All us 2k8ers going are getting interviewed. Still. I'm so excited!


beth said...

I think your speech sounds brilliant, and your brochure looks very professional!

I'd say try approaching schools and/or teachers directly. Look for English teachers--even though your work is MG, I know that I would like to have you as a speaker for my high school class! Especially if you're willing to work for free...it might mean sales for your book (kids love signed copies), but would also get your foot in the door for practice on speaking and credentials (i.e. X number of school visits). Especially with the myth angle of your writing--you could be the guest speaker in several classes! Personally, you'd fit in very well with the 9th grade curriculum, where the students have a heavy unit on mythology.

And Fall is my favorite season, too :)

Christine M said...

I'm glad Ike left you alone.

You're brochure looks great. If I were in charge of hiring authors for anything - I'd hire you.

And Yay! for being on TV. Awesome.

C.R. Evers said...

Wow! this is awesome! The brochure looks great, I'm sure lots of schools will want to bring you in and the hurricane didn't blow you away.

All this and a t.v. appearance to boot!

You go girl!!!! :0)


PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Beth! Does that mean you're inviting me to come talk :)
I'd love the high school angle too. I think here, speaking to creative writing classes would also be key. Kids who are interested in writing and/or sff would be nice.
And I need tons of practice on the speaking thing!

Thanks, Chris! I'm glad Ike didn't bother us much other than shutting down stuff around the city.
And thanks on the brochure.
Yeah, the TV thing is cool. I'm not sure I've ever been on TV, but I have these Cindy Brady thoughts. :)

Thanks, Christy! It ought to be good experience for me to just hand the brochures out and talk to educators about my book. Everything is a growing experience, right? :)

Thanks so much for visiting!

Lapillus said...

The brochure looks great! It seems like you're doing a fabulous job of marketing yourself. I can't wait to hear how your school visits go. I'm sure a ton of schools would love to have you!

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks for saying so, Casey! Let's hope! :)

Gottawrite Girl said...

Very cool! You are in such an exciting time. Good luck with the television interview, too...in my area we have children's-book only bookstores...just a thought! They are always hosting authors and events.

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Susan! And don't you live in the DC area? I grew up there and come visit at least once a year. I'll definitely look into it for my next visit! Thanks!

laurasmagicday said...

WOW! Congrats on the TV appearance. That's huge:) And now for the most important question: What are you wearing??? [LOL!] Hey, great work on the brochure. Looks fabulous. Do you already have the interactive mythology presentation done?

You are so inspiring. I mean writing a book is hard enough, but all of the thought that goes into making a great school visit seems even more overwhelming to me.

Glad you are safe and sound!

keri mikulski :) said...

So glad Ike didn't affect you. My poor publisher was in the path.

The brochure looks amazing. And I agree with Beth. Teachers love author visits. :)

BTW, if you're interested in coming to NJ, let me know. I have a ton of contacts from teaching for so many years. :)

Jim D said...

Status report from the south burbs of Chicago: We had about 9 - 10 inches of rain this weekend.

And how exciting -- I know a soon to be TV celeb!!!

Brouchure looks great.

Jim D

Jim D said...

And I missed it the first time, but the fans of Rick Riordan quote..... Guess what I'm finally reading -- "The Lightning Thief"

I guess I personally would say, "Fans of PJ Hoover will enjoy Rick Riordan's series.

Jim D

Sheri said...

I LOVE your brochure! How do you decide what to charge?

And being interviewed on TV - how totally exciting! What channel? Will it be a local station? I wish I could tune in.

Good luck and have fun!

OH - one more thing, from your brochure, the making a monster and myth seemed like the one I would be most interested to hire you for as a teacher... just wanted to let you know what grabbed me as a teacher. As a writer, it all sounded fascinating.

Sheri said...

You know another great place to target is libraries. My library here has tons of programs like this and they pay you too.

Beth Kephart said...

This is fantastic, PJ. You are on your way.

And soon to be on TV..... You'll dazzle, for sure.

PJ Hoover said...

Seriously, Laura! I tried on clothes today. It seems the black pants still fit, so that's a good thing. I have a couple choices on top. I'll have to decide what will photograph better :)
And thanks!

Thanks, Keri! If/when I get to NJ (or make plans to), I'll definitely get in touch!

Jim, I heard about all the flooding! Wow! I can't believe it. Who would have thought?
You're funny on the quote! But I like it.
I hope you like The Lightning Thief. I loved it!

Lots of discussion on what to charge, Sheri, but it seemed like a consistent OK price for a debut author.
I thought the myth and monster part would be fun, too! I talked at my son's school last year on monsters and it was a blast.
And thanks for the libraries suggestion! They are an awesome source!

Thanks, Beth! I'm on my way somewhere :) I just have to figure out where.

Thanks for visiting, everyone! Hope you all had a great day!

Carrie Harris said...

Fab brochure!

Just wanted to let you know that I gave you an I Love Your Blog award in my latest post. It's one of those pass-it-along things in case you wanted to play. :)

Because, hey, I love your blog.

PJ Hoover said...

Aw, thanks, Carrie! You're making me blush!
I appreciate it!

TJ Brown said...

PJ, it looks fantastic. I am currently working on mine but it isn't that cool yet:)

Tabitha said...

So much exciting stuff in this post! :) That's great, and I love your brochure!! :)

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Teri! With Photoshop, yours, too, can look as cool.

Thanks, Tabitha! I just had them printed yesterday and love them. I kept showing them to my husband over and over.

Happy Tuesday!

Devon Ellington said...

PJ -- Hex Breaker is adult, not YA. Nowhere near YA. I've got some YA in the pipeline, but the Jain Lazarus adventures are more along the lines of what Yasmine Galenorn and Sharon Shinn write.

Isn't Facebook about photographs, though? Since I have a strict no-photo policy (because of the various names), is there any point? I take a lot of photos ABOUT my work, that inspire my work, the locations, but . . .I'm just not sure if I want to have another account. And can one have multiple accounts on Facebook, like one can on MySpace?

PJ Hoover said...

Hey Devon - I'll respond on your blog.

Anna Lefler said...

PJ, your brochure is fantastic. And I LOVE the notion of shaping your young audience in the areas of goals and time management - those are SO important and the earlier the better! All this AND a TV appearance - you are en fuego!

Congrats and can't wait to hear more as everything progresses...

Angela said...

Great brochure! Remember when you get the first visit to leave extras with the teacher so she can pass them around on Professional Development days when she'/he networks with other teachers. And don't forget librarians--the can have a lot of pull as to authors who are brought in to speak at schools.

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Anna! I love the whole goal setting mentality. And if kids can learn it early and start using it, it would help them so much!

Thanks for the suggestions, Angela! I plan to make a librarian push after this trip and get the fliers out!