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Monday, October 20, 2008

Alterations, Links, and Books

This Thursday there's a library event I'm going to. A fancy, dress-up library event. So I'm digging through the closet hoping I have something to wear, and then I see it. This gorgeous dress I bought eight years ago which (I know, hard to believe) will still be beautiful and perfect. I mean, I think it will, at least.

The good news: The dress totally still fits. Not only does it still fit, it's even loose and needs to be taken in.

The bad news: It needs to be taken in in the chest area. Yes, having two kids can do that to you.

Saturday, Debbie Gonzales gave the most fantastic speech at our Austin SCBWI meeting on voice in the sports novel. Who knew there were three kinds of voice in a sports novel? Not me. My husband kept wishing he had gone. He'd have loved the sports references and lingo. Me, I loved hearing Debbie speak and realizing there is a total nearly untapped world out there in sports novels.
Sidenote: Keri Mikulski - you would have loved it.

So this is it. My big release week. Even if books won't be in stores quite yet and won't ship from Amazon until later in the month. It's all this shipping to the warehouse and then shipping to Amazon/distributors stuff I'm told.

Couple awesome links:

Tabitha over at Writer Musings interviewed me! Thanks so much, Tabitha! You can read the whole interview here!
Thanks, Tabitha!

Tasha at And Another Book Read gave The Emerald Tablet a fantastic review! She's the reviewer at Teens Read Too, but her review is so fantastic, I feel compelled to re-quote my favorite parts:
"I loved every minute that I was reading it, and I feel like I want to reread the book over and over again. ... While reading the book I kept thinking that in a way it was almost like a myth that was being told and how cool it would be if it was actually true... Fans of Rick Riordan’s PERCY JACKSON series will particularly enjoy this book."
Thanks, Tasha!

Some books I picked up recently:

I'd be amiss to not mention the release of Dragon Wishes by Stacy Nyikos. My editor had an extra copy of Dragon Wishes, hot off the press, for me, and be honest. It looks just delicious, doesn't it? Not to mention the inspiration for it was the near fatal sledding accident of Stacy's two daughter. How can you not read it with a recommendation like that?

At BookPeople on Friday I picked up Valiant and Ironside by Holly Black. Haven't read either yet. Actually, this past week I haven't read much of anything. I'm about 50 pages into The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale, and I did start Skin Hunger by Kathleen Duey (which is fabulous, BTW). I'm thinking I'll put down The Goose Girl for the time being so I can stick with the Holly Black thing. I'm pretty sure that's why I've made little progress on it. When I start an author, I love to read as much as has been written.
Also picked up Gods of Manhattan by Scott Mebus. I've heard good things about this one and so will elevate it on the (ever growing) list.

Also, BTW, have you heard of paraquels? They are apparently books set in the same universe which happen at the same time as other books. Or are these companion books. Or do companion books happen afterward but not the same characters?
Anyone know for sure?


Beth Kephart said...

Wait. There's just so much here to comment on. First, well, the dress. I had to laugh. Let's just say it's great that no seams had to be let out in other places.

Second, congrats on all the good reviews, the interviews, and your moment in the sun with Tasha, one of my personal faves!

Oh, and I HAVE to know. What three voices in sports novels? Apparently, with UNDERCOVER, I've written a sports novel (hence the panel I'll be on in San Antonio). I wonder if the voice I chose vaguely fits into one of the categories?

Angela said...

Oh, make sure we get a shot of you in the dress! Congrats on the great review..I am a HUGE fan of Rick Riordan.

Gottawrite Girl said...

Fitting into a dress like that... that's a good day! I know your party is coming up, PJ -- I'd love to post an interview with you, too, on that day! It's the 26th, I believe? I'd like to throw you an "East-Coast Virtual Book Debut!!!" Talk soon, & hope you're well!

Tabitha said...

Having had two kids myself, I had to laugh when I read about the dress. :)

Great to hear about the review, and thanks for doing the interview on my blog!! :)

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Beth! Yes, much better than needing it to be taken out :)
The three voices (in layman's terms): The sportscaster (sounds just like a sportscaster), the fairweather fan (may get facts wrong unintentionally), and the gamer (has been there, in the game, but not too over the top like the sportscaster).
When I read Undercover, I'll be watching to quiz myself!

I'm a huge RR fan, too, Angela! Loved The Lightning Thief!
And yes on the picture of the dress - even if I need to Photoshop it :)

Sounds like a blast, Susan! I'll email you offline! Thanks so much!

Yes, what happened up there, Tabitha? Nursing is good for the babies, but, well... you know. And you are so welcome about the interview!

Thanks for visiting!

Lenore said...

I just read about paraquels today in the Feiwel and Friends fall 2008 catalog. Apparently F.E. Higgins new one The Bone Magician is a paraquel to the Black Book of Secrets. It is defined as a story that takes place simultaneously.

PJ Hoover said...

And it seems like a growing rage, Lenore, doesn't it? I'll have to check Black Book of Secrets and Bone Magician out!

Devon Ellington said...

Happy Release week.

Before you worry about alterations, do what we do in the theatre/film/television industry. Buy yourself some cookies (also called chicken cutlets, if you get certain kinds, position them correctly in your bra, and voila, you fill out the dress. With a good bra, they don't show at all and the line looks completely natural.

And it's cheaper than alterations.

Devon Ellington said...

Believe me, I've worked on shows where we could have refloated the Titanic, just on what we stuffed in those bras!

They're also called bust pads -- sewing stores or upscale lingerie stores will carry them.

So do some pharmacies, surgical supply, and, of course, sex shops.

You must have one of those options near by! ;)

PJ Hoover said...

Interesting, Devon! I hadn't considered that angle, but I bet they'd look nice! I already dropped the dress off, but next time I'm in this situation, I'll fill out the top.
See ya!

Lenore said...

Paraquels are definitely an interesting concept, yes. I think Zoe's Tale (read recently) is one too... though I've heard it called a companion novel.

Carrie Harris said...

Happy release week!!!

I think my favorite paraquel is Ender's Shadow, which takes place during the same time as Ender's Game. SO good!

keri mikulski :) said...

:) Yes, PJ! I love sports and sporty voice. :) Wish I was there. :) Let me see if I can guess the three voices - the player (involved in the action), the fan (someone viewing the game), and the coach/narrator (manipulating or analyzing the game) - three completely different viewpoints. Yes, there is a completely untapped world out there and a ton or readers hungry for more sporty lit.

Okay, I completely get the dress. I'm totally lacking in that area, but I can't miss what I've never had. :) Congrats on all the exciting news. Enjoy every second! ;)

PJ Hoover said...

I've heard companion novel a bunch more than paraquel, Lenore. Funny enough, both are really interesting concepts!

Thanks, Carrie! I loved Ender's Shadow, also! That little Bean. I totally forgot about that one!

Yes, Keri! I'm pretty sure you know your sports!
And LOL on the dress. But at least it fit everywhere else which made me super happy :)

Happy Tuesday!

Kelly said...

Go, Tricia! Congrats :)

(And, yeah, kids.)

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Kelly! And yes, kids. But I'm not complaing :)

carla said...

you out and dressed up tonight?!

PJ Hoover said...

Yep, Carla. Pictures to come :)