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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Five on a Friday

It's been a great week. With the awesome party behind me (kind of sad that it's over), I've been catching up and actually getting through my to-do list.

Here's my five for the week.

1) I'm so not about the toys at the school book fair. I'd go so far as to say it annoys me to no end when my son comes home with his wish list and it has at least 2 "toy" type items listed on it. That said, even I can succumb. So I volunteered at the book fair today and could not resist these tasty items.

Love those Smurfs. Always have. Always will.

(Yes, my volunteering job today cost me $46. I came home with The 39 Clues by Rick Riordan and Diary of a Fly by Doreen Cronin and Harry Bliss. And yes, the book fair was so uncrowded during the middle of the day, I'm halfway through The 39 Clues. Not to mentioned I finished Diary of a Fly about 5 times :) )

2) Is it totally shameless that every kid who comes to my house for Trick or Treat will receive their very own laminated bookmark of The Emerald Tablet?
See the way I figure, if I just handed out paper bookmarks, they'd get trashed in all the candy. But laminated? No way. Plus I plan to pitch the book to every kid before they get candy, also.

3) Why is this weekend so mellow and next weekend packed with like 20 different things?
And no, I'm not complaining about either. It's just an observation.

4) A funny response from fellow VA Tech nerd regarding my earlier post on whether being a cool nerd is possible:
"Once a nerd, always a nerd. People have a knack for picking nerds out of a crowd, much as one notices a hair in one’s tea. While some nerds may attempt camouflage in the form of clothing, makeup and hair, as soon as the nerd speaks, they are done. Words of more than two syllables, often of a technical nature, flow from their mouths in an un-naturally fluent way alerting the spidey senses of those around them that something is amiss. This leads to a shunning that can never be fully reconciled and is best relieved by the company of other nerds. In the more common case, words are not necessary since the healthy aura of BO around the nerd is enough to instill this reaction."

5) I love that both my daughter and son are thrilled to wear their "Mummy's Boy" t-shirts tomorrow.

Happy Halloween! May everyone get a laminated bookmark (or at least the first 75)!


Anna Lefler said...

The laminated bookmarks are genius!

Have fun handing them out..

:^) Anna

Beth Kephart said...

Were there any of those pink-haired trolls at your book fair? I have a hankering for one of those. They are only about 5 million years old.

Christine M said...

Happy Halloween. Love the "Mummy's Boy" t-shirt. I wish I were trick-or-treating at your house for a laminated bookmark.

Carrie Harris said...

Happy Halloween! Enjoy giving out those bookmarks.

Oh, and I'm also doing the book fair. I'm going to preplan and leave the credit card at home. :)

Kimberly Derting said...

You must not live in the neighborhood where everyone within 10 square miles drives to dump their kids to trick-or-treat...I think last year one of my neighbors counted and there were over 600 kids. Do you know how many bookmarks that is? That's right, over 600!!!

I LOVE the Smurf stuff though!!

Gottawrite Girl said...

I love it. HAND out those bookmarks with pride and joy!

Tabitha said...

Not to ditto Anna, but the bookmark idea really is genius! :)

I just reserved a copy of 39 Clues from the library. Haven't picked it up yet, though. How are you liking it?

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Anna! I love laminating things! And I'm working on my pitch already. I figure I'll start with "Hey have you read Harry Potter?"

Yes, Beth! There were pink-haired trolls a plenty. Had I known I would have picked one up for you!

My son opted not to wear the shirt this morning, Chris, but my daughter wore it and matched two other kids at school.
And I'll brin gyou and yours bookmarks in Feb!

Good plan to leave the credit card at home, Carrie!

Yeah, we don't get 600, Kimberly. Maybe 100 total and the light goes out around 8:00 here. That's when all the high schoolers come out!

Thanks, Susan! I'm looking forward to it!

Thanks, Tabitha! And so far The 39 Clues has me hooked. Exciting things happen fast which keeps my interest.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and Halloween!

C.R. Evers said...

Great idea w/ the laminated bookmarks! Love it!

The Smurfs are a classic! Luv those too!


PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Christy! Smurfs rock. I'm so happy they are coming back into popularity (as proved by being showcased at the Scholastic Bookfair)!

Angela said...

What a great idea with the bookmarks! Take advantage of every holiday you can. Woot!

Angela said...
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PJ Hoover said...

Good idea, Angela! Valentines for the kids. Custom Easter Eggs. Hmmm...good ideas.
See, marketing can be fun!

Mitch Wallace said...

If I had a book coming out, I'd be plugging that thing every chance I got! So I think the bookmark idea is excellent. And on the subject of book fairs: I used to LOVE when my school had them. I'd try to peek at the shelves every time I'd pass through the MPR. And just my luck, I'd usually have the teacher who wouldn't take the time to let our class browse, so I'd have to go during recess or something. Lame. Was anyone here part of the Goosebumps craze? I read them like they were going out of style!

PJ Hoover said...

I was never part of the Goosebumps craze, Mitch. I think I'm too old. Tales from the Crypt was just starting to come out when I was younger if I remember right.
Yeah, nobody wants to spend their recess at the library. At least not in elementary school!
Happy weekend, and thanks for visiting!

Mitch Wallace said...

Just as I submitted my comment, I realized that saying I was into Goosebumps really ages me! Oh well! They were largely responsible for getting me into reading.

GutsyWriter said...

Looked at your web-site and loved it. I'm also a writer, a memoir though, and realize the difficult road of promoting your book. I'd love to read posts about that. Have you hired a publicist? A friend of mine is successful at getting Costco to sell some of his books, but he's been to 75 of the local one in southern California, so far. Have you tried?

Vivian said...

Sounds like a great week! Did you run out of the bookmarks?

Mitch Wallace said...

Gutsywriter: The whole Costco idea sounds brilliant. If I ever get one of my books published I'm definitely going to try that. Costco is like my second home. Haha!

PJ Hoover said...

Oh, was Goosebumps before TFTC, Mitch? I see lots of Goosegumps these days but not much TFTC.

Thanks, Gutsywriter! As for promotion, I'm trying not to go overboard. What I'm learning is I could spend my entire life doing nothing but promoting this book. But then I'd never get to write! So I'm working on a balance and trying to keep consistency as the biggest thing. Do something each week to keep the momentum going.
That is after I get through November which is super swamped.
I can certainly blog more about promotion in the future!

And no, I have not yet tried any places like Costco. I just got my author copies yesterday (!) Thanks for the suggestion!

Vivian, we only had about 20 kids total come to the door - most of them under the age of 4. Maybe because it's on a Friday and there were lots of parties?

So Mitch, you're a Costco shopper, too? Maybe I should join!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and thanks for visiting!

Mitch Wallace said...

R.L. Stine started writing Goosebumps in 1992, so it ages me in the opposite direction - the one that makes me 23! Haha!

And yeah, I've been a Costco shopper for years and years. Great places to buy cheap books and econo-size buckets of ranch dressing (I'm kidding, but I couldn't resist).

PJ Hoover said...

I thought it was sooner, Mitch! Just think, in 15 more years you'll be in the prime of your life like me :)

Mitch Wallace said...

I know! Sometimes I feel like such a little kid being in my twenties.

keri mikulski :) said...

What a great idea!! :)

Happy Halloween. Love the Mummy's Boy t-shirt. :)

Marcia said...

Love the bookmarks!

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Keri and Marcia! And yes on the t-shirt! I'd like them to wear it all year long it's so cute!

Dawn Buthorn said...

What a great idea about the bookmarks! Genius!
I'm in charge of the book fair at our school, and we keep the toy table closed until the last day, even for wish lists. That way the kids focus on the books, and get toys if they have any money left over. Of course the toy table is wiped out by noon on the last day!

Lenore said...

ooh - diary of a fly! I have a t-shirt of diary of a spider and the diary of a worm book.

PJ Hoover said...

Good idea to keep the toys closed until the last day, Dawn! Those toys. Except for the Smurfs of course which rock!

I want a t-shirt like that, Lenore! And I'm pretty sure Diary of a Worm is my favorite!

Freedom Star said...

I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet, but about 'cool nerds' have you ever heard of nerdfighters?

If not, check out vlogbrothers on youtube. Or nerdfighters.com


PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Candace! I've seen some of the vlogs, and they totally crack me up! I love them!
Thanks for visiting!

Lenore said...

The t-shirt was swag from the Frankfurt book fair one year (I also have a huge cardboard cutout of Count Olaf). Diary of a Worm is my favorite too.

PJ Hoover said...

Very cool swag, Lenore!