"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." —J. R. R. Tolkien

Monday, December 01, 2008

Making Thanksgiving Productive

It all started with the attempt to get the Christmas decorations out of the garage. I've been letting boxes pile up out there, so of course I had to break down the boxes first. Then, I decided the inflatable innertubes for the swimming pool don't need to be inflated all year. So I undid those and got the air out. But then the giant recycling bin cried out for a new spot, so I cleared some room and moved it next to the trashcan.
By now the floor was well exposed showing years of leaves and dirt. So of course I needed to vacuum.
Once the garage was sparkling, I looked at the living room - the destination of our tree. But the floor needed vacuumed and mopped. So I had to do that first. And if I'm doing the living room, why not the whole downstairs.

So this may seem like it's spiraling out of control, but it feels great to get so much done and be so productive. It's the kind of things I don't get done on a normal weekend.

Note: I have not fixed the toilet yet. The downstairs took precedence this weekend. The toilet is, however, on the list.

In addition to some hard-working days around the house, we watched a few great movies this weekend. At my 4-year-old daughter's request, the first movie we watched was Ironman.
One word: Amazing!
I loved this movie, and if I didn't already love it while I was watching it, the last line of the movie is priceless and perfect. Go out and watch it.
Also we took in Journey to the Center of the Earth (the newest version which I've seen before and I love) and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Personally, I like this. Yes, it was cliche and knockoff, but there's something to be said for entering that relaxation comfort zone.
My kids also watched a few Land Before Time movies, giving me time to clean the garage (see above) and wrestle the tree up.

Feel like pushing yourself out of your comfort zone?
The correct answer to this question is yes. We should all strive to push out of our comfort zones.
Our friends did this on Saturday by hosting a play in their backyard. The parents and a neighbor got up on stage and acted out a skit. They'd practiced for a few weeks, and it was hilarious! For their second skit they got all the kids up there, too.
Hilarious to me was when a princess was supposed to be running through a field of flowers, and when asked what kind of flowers they were, my son said Lantana. Yes, it's good to live in Texas.

Here we have a brave knight fighting a bad knight to rescue a princess.

A reminder on why you should buy books this holiday season instead of cheap imports.

And finally, what I love hearing when I walk into Kung Fu is a dad I know walking up to me and saying, "My daughter loved your book!"
If you ever think authors don't want to hear this or think they've heard it too much, think again!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! We've got one month until the New Year. Let's see what we can get accomplished!


adrienne said...

Where do you get your energy?

I love that your neighbors performed a skit! That is so cool.

Christine M said...

Sounds like a wonderfully productive weekend. I could use some of that productivity here.

PJ Hoover said...

It think the energy built on itself, Adrienne! And the extra time off helped!
The skit was a blast, too. The kids loved it!

Chris, I'm sending productivity your way! Catch it!

TJ Brown said...

how fun is that? We are still dealing with the bathroom, though I did scrub the house for Thanksgiving:)

PJ Hoover said...

Thanksgiving seems like a good time to clean, doesn't it, Teri!
I'm thankful I have the energy to clean :)

Gottawrite Girl said...

OK. And thanks for this motivation. Before the New Year. I want to aim small so I don't cry later. One more chapter written, how's that? THANKS PJ!!!! : ) And, I told my Mom you backed up her suggestion for me to call Stephenie Meyer. : ) Really and truly funny. She loved that!

Lapillus said...

I think you've channeled the nesting fervor that I've lost. Hehe.

Sounds like a great weekend! I'm waiting for your book to show up by the way! I think it arrives tomorrow.

: )

beth said...

Loved Iron Man! And I'm with you--that last line was PRICELESS!!! :)

Amy said...

Huh, wanna come visit MY garage? It could use your magic touch. ;)

Doesn't it feel good to get it all done, though?

Hope you get the toilet fixed soon.

Kimberly Derting said...

OMG, I love your super-cool $10,000 (hundred-thousand-dollar) bill. That was awesome!!!

PJ Hoover said...

One chapter is great, Susan! As long as there's consistency and movement forward (even only in your mind), it's great!
So did you call Stephanie Meyer?

Nesting!!!! I certainly can't blame it on pregnancy, Casey! But it does have good results. An organized house is nice.

Beth, after the last line of Iron Man, I wanted to stand up and cheer and do a victory dance. It was awesome!

Thanks, Amy! I hope I get the toilet/bathroom done soon, too! Maybe Sunday? I need to get the supplies ahead of time!

Doesn't the 10,000 bill crack you up, Kim? I laughed and laughed so hard! It's priceless!

Thanks for visiting, and happy Monday!

Carrie Harris said...

The play idea is FABULOUS. I think I might steal it.

keri mikulski :) said...

Sounds like a great weekend, PJ! Thanks for sharing. :)

Devon Ellington said...

Great stuff.

You got a lot done.

And your neighbors rock. Sounds like you live in a wonderful neighbhorhood.

I agree -- buy books, not cheap imports. The younger godchildren are getting copies of YOUR book -- thought you'd like to know!

Stacy Nyikos said...

You got the garage done? Congrats! I managed to,um, well...to eat turkey. That I cooked. That was my big accomplishment - eating and cooking turkey. Next step, taking on the writing challenge :-)

PJ Hoover said...

You should steal it, Carrie! It was such a great idea!

You're welcome, Keri! Congrats on getting your book sent off!

I love knowing that, Devon! Thank you so much! I hope they like it!

I did get the garage done, Stacy! And it looks nice! Vacuumed and everything! Have fun with the writing challenge!

Kelly H-Y said...

LOVE that feeling of things actually getting accomplished ... especially when you sneak in a couple unexpected things to mark off your list!!

PJ Hoover said...

Totally, Kelly! And when you feel like you have the time to get sidetracked a bit!

Tabitha said...

LOL!! That's something I would do. :) Maybe it's an engineer thing... Though my thanksgiving wasn't at all productive. We stayed home and cooked yummy food, then ate it, then cleaned up. That's all, and it was really nice. :)

Next weekend I will tackle the decorations, which will inevitably turn into the story you've just described, because I never properly unpacked it after we moved. Things are still sitting in boxes everwhere, and I'm not sure I can leave it...even though it's 30 degrees outside. :)

PJ Hoover said...

Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead, Tabitha! Bundle up and unpack! :)