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Monday, January 26, 2009

My duty to the next generation

Does anyone else remember that old calculator/Dolly Parton joke?
Seriously, please tell me I'm not the only one that had this stick in her mind like bubble gum.

Anyway, my 7-year-old was doing his homework yesterday and needed to use the calculator for a problem (it was a requirement). I took the opportunity and showed him the joke. Of course, since pop culture is never a good idea (in books or jokes), I had to modify the joke to take out Dolly Parton and use some generic replacement.

Nonetheless, he giggled and giggled and wrote it down. And I did give him permission to share it with his friends.
Is this bad?

Still don't remember the joke? It's out there on Google.


Of interest on Friday was the Cub Scout tour of the recycling plant.
Three things I learned about recycling:

1) The recycling plant smells even worse than the waste water treatment plant
2) Most of our recycled paper/plastic is sold to China
3) 90% of separation is still done by hand.


I saw this over on Tabitha's blog today, and loved it. She has an excellent post on voice today. What? You haven't read it? Get over there and read it right away.
Anyway, I quote, voice is:
"The things I think but don’t say aloud, except to my closest friends. "


I'd planned to watch the movie version of The City of Ember this weekend. I'd also planned to go see Inkheart (and seriously, like very movie Brendan Frasier is in I seem to like). Is it just me?
But instead of either of these, we watched The Fellowship of the Ring.

My son didn't think he'd like it. Instead he wanted to play with his castle legos - complete with dwarves and trolls. Yeah, after about one minute he was hooked.
We haven't watched the next two movies yet (OK, I have), so he's really bummed that Gandalf died. And equally upset about Boromir, but I don't predict good things as far as that goes.


The book I'm starting tonight: Bliss by Lauren Myracle. Anyone read it?

Hope you're all having a great Monday!


Amy said...

I totally remember that joke. Have NOT shown the boys.

Brendan Fraser could read the phone book and I'd be a rapt audience. He did the audiobook for Inkheart, too. It was FAB.

I'm waaaay behind on everything this month, so I haven't read it yet.

beckylevine said...

I don't know what this says about my family, but husband & I had never seen that joke and, when I showed my son, he'd already seen it at school.


Keri Mikulski said...

Loved BLISS!!! Huge Myracle fan.. Let me know what you think. :)

PJ Hoover said...

You should, Amy. They deserve to know it.
Did he do the audiobook for it???? I own that but haven't listened to it yet. But that bumped it up on the list!

Too funny, Becky! So at school do they use the name Dolly Parton???

Oh, good, Keri! I've heard such great things about it!

C.R. Evers said...

I remember the joke, but I don't remember how it's done. I don't think it's bad that you taught your kid. Hey, it's fun to bring out our own inner kids, isn't it? :0D

I'm glad to hear that you liked Inkheart. I'm probably going to see it this weekend, but I'm a little nervous since they usually don't do movies as well as the books. I'm also a Brendon Frazier fan. :0*


Patty P said...

My eldest son and I went to all three LOTR movies the week they came out. They happened to coincide on his birthday each year so it was our special "date night". Great movies.
"Bliss" looks great...I'm all about covers.

PJ Hoover said...

It does make me feel like a kid again, Christy. And kind of cool :)

Patty, those movies would be awesome for date night! On my birthday each year I hit the IMAX with the kids during the day.

Thanks for visiting!

Jim Danielson said...

Would you believe I never heard the joke....probably because I'm old enough to have gone through college with a slide rule.

PJ Hoover said...

Jim, slide rule or not, I am actually amazed. Especially given some of your stuff I've read!

beth said...

I had never heard of that joke before! It was cute :)

Tell us how Inkheart is. To be honest, I was not as enthralled with the book as many others were, but the movie does look good...

lotusgirl said...

I LOVE Brendan Fraser. I don't know why. He good looking but not THAT good looking. He has a nice voice, but not THAT nice. He just has that something that pulls you in--that quality is pure gold.

Plus, I think he picks good projects.

I'm looking forward to seeing both Inkheart and City of Ember, but haven't had the chance yet.

Devon Ellington said...

I want to see Inkheart. However, I liked the original trailer that they showed last January, in preparation for the summer release, better than the current one. I have a feeling they re-cut it and watered it down, which concerns me. I'll be interested in your opinion.

Jim Danielson said...

The joke probably originated in the period between college and having kids (a time where my inner child might have been a bit dorment). If I indeed did hear it then, I probably thought the punch line was ... a bit flat.

PJ Hoover said...

It is cute, Beth. And even cuter is how much my son loved it :)
I haven't read Inkheart. I heard somewhere (was it from you) that the beginning was slow and then it gets really good?????

Totally agree on all points, Lois. What is it about him? I love the gold analogy. And I agree on the projects he picks. They are my kind of movies!

You think they really did that, Devon!!!! How horrible. I hope it is still good. I actually haven't even seen the trailer yet. Maybe I'll go check it out now.

It probably would have seemed pretty flat at that point in your life, Jim. But now, isn't is hilarious? Or is it just me seeing my son giggle that is so hilarious?

Happy Tuesday!

Kimberly Derting said...

That's funny, PJ, I totally remember that joke! Remember, too, when calculators were like $89 on sale? Now they're in the dollar section! I can't wait 'til plasmas are in the dollar section!!!

Lady Glamis said...

I haven't read Bliss. Let us know how you like it. :)

I don't know that joke... I will have to go look it up!

And I am a HUGE LOTR fan. I loved your story about your son. So cute. It's definitely able to hook kids!

Most of our recycling is sold to China??? Wow. I need to learn more about recycling, apparently.

And I love all movies with Brendan Frasier, for some reason. Hmm, wonder why. :)

Marcia said...

I don't know the joke either. Another slide-rule-in-college kid here. *Off to put BLISS on my reading list.*

Solvang Sherrie said...

I'm going to have to look up that joke. You've piqued my curiousity...

I took my son to Inkheart on opening night. Even if you didn't read or didn't like the book, it's still a good movie Must be Brendan :)

Why do we ship our recycling to China? Do they make recycled products to sell back to us?

Laura said...

Bless you for going with the Cub Scouts to the recycling plant. That brings back so many memories, olfactory and otherwise. Here's to a week filled with calculator jokes:)

"All who wander are not lost"--

Kelly H-Y said...

I totally had to Google that one ... how did I miss that?! Too funny!

PJ Hoover said...

To own a calculator was way cool, I remember, Kimberly! Hilarious. Yeah, now they are in the dollar section, and last a fitting amount of time (at least when my kids start using them).

Lady Glamis, so far Bliss is great! And yeah, I was shocked on the China and recycling thing, though at least we sell something to them, right?

Definitely put Bliss on your list, Marcia. I didn't want to put it down last night!

They do make recycled products and sell them back to us, Sherrie! I guess it's all that Oriental Trading Company stuff :)

Funny enough, Laura, I'm the mom who is thrilled to go on the tours because anywhere I go it's like doing book research. I could set a scene at a recycling plant now. :)

How did you miss it, Kelly!!!! And isn't it hilarious :)
I still giggle!

Thanks for visiting, everyone!

adrienne said...

Interesting facts about the recycling plant.
I don't remember the Dolly Parton joke but I'm pretty sure I can figure out the punch line...

PJ Hoover said...

It was a funny joke, Adrienne! And it made a lasting impression for me to remember it perfectly 30 years later. :)