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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Five on a Friday

Edited to add:
Check out my fun interview over on Barrie Summy's blog with the fabulous Kelly Couric. Bonus photo of me in seventh grade! Oh, yeah, plus there's a book giveaway over there!


So it's been a good week! We've gotten some converts for The Scorpion King 2, we've won the Pinewood Derby (at least the Best Detail part of it), and we've had some amazing weigh-in on 4th graders reading Twilight.
(And really, you should see some of the derby cars from our school. Some people spent WAY more time on theirs than I did. Way, way more.)

Here's my five for the week:

1) Sometimes I amaze myself with how natural shameless self-promotion has become.
I'm in the library on Wednesday during my volunteer stint, and I head over to shelve some fantasy books. There's a kid looking so I say excuse me and move around him. And then I see it. My book on the shelf. It's the first time I've actually seen it there (which is a good sign as it's been checked out previously).
Me: Want to read a really great book?
Kid: Um, yeah, sure.
Me: (hands him The Emerald Tablet) Here. You'll love it. And I wrote it....But no pressure (um, yeah, right).
Kid: Thanks! (I see him checking my name badge for confirmation that I am indeed the author. Then he checks it out. I assure him he doesn't need to tell me if he doesn't like the book.)

That's one more kid reading The Emerald Tablet :)

2) And later that day...
...while heading out of the school, I experience twenty seconds out of my fifteen minutes of fame.
A kid catches my eye and gives me a huge smile.
I smile back.
Ten steps later, he looks at me and smiles again. And then he stops.
Kid: Are you PJ Hoover?
Me: (smiling) Yeah, I am.
Kid: I'm reading your book. It's really good. (goes on to say how a kid in his class recommended it to him).
(I like this kid! He's really smart. I can tell.)

That's one more kid reading The Emerald Tablet :)


3) Did I mention I get to have a tooth pulled on Monday morning? Yes, yanked out of my mouth with a pair of pliers. Did you read my commemorative post about it over on The Spectacle?
(I did ask if I could keep the tooth. I'm hoping the all-mysterious Tooth Fairy will pay me a visit. I'd say a permanent molar must be worth at least $100.)

4) Bargain hardcovers at Amazon.
Yes, support your local bookstores. Really, do. But I couldn't help but mention these two bargain hardcovers at Amazon:
The Patron Saint of Butterflies by Cecilia Galante for $3.99
The Luxe by Anna Godbersen for $7.99

5) I have an odd urge to rake leaves on Sunday. Yes they are left over from the Fall, but sometimes it takes Spring to re-inspire me to do some yard work.

If you're going to be in Austin on Saturday, head to BookPeople at 11:00. Mark Mitchell will be speaking at out local SCBWI meeting on The Profits, Pleasures, and Pitfalls of Author Visits to Schools.
See you there!

And have a great weekend!


beth said...

Argh! I just spent $6.99 for a paperback version of The Luxe! But this does mean that I'll be getting a copy of Butterflies...

And those kids WERE smart! ;)

Kelly H-Y said...

Ooooh, ouch with the tooth! Yes ... it definitely must be worth way more than a baby tooth!
Those kids are brilliant! :-) I loved both of those stories ... especially #2 ... how cool is that?!

Barrie said...

Your interview with trashy Kelly Couric is up! :)

Carrie Harris said...

How much do you want to bet that the tooth fairy will take your tooth and leave you a copy of the Emerald Tablet?

Just in case you haven't read it. ;)

D.A. Riser said...

Wow, what a week! Kudos, too, on the interview with Kelly Couric. Now I need the Emerald Tablet and a cookie ...

Keri Mikulski said...

Have fun at the conference!

Thanks for the bargains.. And yes, that kid is really smart. :)

So sorry about the tooth. Yikes.

Kimberly Derting said...

Ahaha, I think a permanent tooth is worth at least $100. Or a diamond.

I'm both hopeful and terrified about becoming that shamful self-promoter. I seriously hope I have it in me, but worry that I'll take it too far. Becoming that obnoxious person who paints her car like a driving billboard or starts wearing nothing but clothing inspired by *my* book. You know, a crazy lady!

PJ Hoover said...

But you know, Beth, the paperback of The Luxe is still very pretty! And TOTALLY on Butterflies! I've heard nothing but good on this one!

Yes, ouch, Kelly. Maybe I should up my expectations to $200 for the tooth!
And the kids were way cool :0

Thanks, Barrie, for the interview! I'll link to it!

Oooh, I hope so, Carrie! I've been wanting to read The Emerald Tablet again. After all, it's so good, even 100 times isn't enough.

Thanks, D.A. (or can I call you your real name?) Have two cookies! And I hope you enjoy the book!

Thanks, thanks, and thanks, Keri! Think of me on Monday morning.

A diamond! I like that, Kimberly! And it's funny how natural it will become because you want to tell the world about your book! But I don't see you taking it too far!

Happy Friday!

Angela said...

Yuck--tooth pulling=not fun. Have a good weekend, eating lots of bad stuff--ice cream, cake, etc.

PJ Hoover said...

Ice cream does sound nice, Angela! Mint chocolate chip, I'm thinking :)

Dee said...

If we didn't have our Editor's Day tomorrow, I would drive to Austin to see Mark talk. I took his class at the Arts Center a few years ago. He's a really good teacher. :)

Christy Raedeke said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one who wants to keep her teeth - the dental assistant always gives me a funny look when I ask! But seriously, who wants part of you body going to a landfill??? Plus wisdom teeth and molars are wicked cool looking.

Let's hope the tooth fairly leaves you a big prescription of pain killers.

C.R. Evers said...

Good luck with your tooth. I hope the tooth fairy is good to you!



PJ Hoover said...

Editor's Day sounds like a great excuse to miss it, Dee! Have a great time there!

Exactly, Christy! I want to see the roots of my molar. Weird, I know.

Thanks, Other Christy (which is kind of like Other Mother from Coraline). I'll take those hugs and keep them with me Monday morning :)

Thanks for visiting!

Corey Schwartz said...

How cool is that? (#2!) I'll never have a three year old come up to me and ask me if I am Corey Schwartz. I want to be you! :)

PJ Hoover said...

But see I've proven it can happen to anyone, Corey. Those three-year-olds can recognize your picture from the jacketflap and stare at you with that knowing look if nothing else!

Lapillus said...

It was a great week, huh?

Great deals on those books. There are a couple others in my wishlist that seem like they are going for a steal.

I do NOT envy you on the tooth pulling though - ow!

Laura said...

PJ...WOW! What a great moment to not only see your book in the library but to also have a little boy tell you he loves it:) Very. Cool.

So sorry about the tooth. *hugs* If you want a little tooth humor read this [AFTER] http://laurasmagicday.livejournal.com/tag/dentist

I HIGHLY recommend going in with an ipod set on toothpull mix, R & B always works for me!

Laura said...

OOO, that URL didn't come through, just click on the dentist tag on my blog for a laugh AFTER....

Solvang Sherrie said...

How fun to be recognized by kids who like your book! Excellent!

BTW, the photo over on the Trashy Kelly Couric interview is hilarious! You are brave. If I ever become famous I'm hiding all my high school photos where I look like Ugly Betty!

Marcia said...

You want to rake leaves in spring??? Oh, PLEASE come over and rake our yard. Our neighbor's oak tree drops its leaves in spring, and that puppy gets bigger every year. Ugh.

Jim Danielson said...

When you heard you'd get a $500 dollar bill for that molar it meant in the mail from your dentist's billing service (as opposed to under your pillow from the tooth fairy).
Oh, and love the glasses in your
7th grade pic!

PJ Hoover said...

I know, Casey! Thanks for the sympathy. And snatch up the bargains so you can buy more books with the money saved!

I will totally check out the link while recovering on Monday, Laura! And thanks for the iPod tip. I'll borrow my husbands!

Sherrie, the photo cracked me up beyond belief. I'm just impressed I had to guts to actually put it on and wear it! And I totally doubt you looked like Ugly Betty.

I think it's the nice weather beckoning me, Marcia. The smell of freshness in the air! So when I finish at my house, I'll head over to yours :)

Oh, it was that kind of bill, Jim???? I feel tricked!
I loved those glasses. Still have them as a matter of fact!

Have a great weekend!

Lenore said...

Great self promotion stories. I am always pointing out books to people in bookstores that I loved.

PJ Hoover said...

Word of mouth is so huge, Lenore! I also try to do it whenever possible!

Angela said...

GREAT promotions!!! And now you can't walk down the street without being approached by smart kid fans.


PJ Hoover said...

Hopefully I won't eat of that 15 minutes of fame too quickly, Angela!

Vivian said...

How cool a kid recognized you from your book cover! It must have made your day! And fun interview!

PJ Hoover said...

It was really awesome, Vivian! Thanks!

Rebecca said...

PJ, hooray for more readers! And good luck with the tooth yankin'. My little girl had to get some pulled a couple of weeks ago to prepare for braces. Poor baby!
(she did NOT get $100 per tooth, though she probably deserved it).

PJ Hoover said...

She totally deserved at least $100 per tooth, Rebecca. I'm starting to get more and more nervous as the minutes tick by.
Tick. Tick.

kbaccellia said...

I broke down and Netflixed The Scorpion King for my son. I told him your son liked it, and he got excited. He loved the first one.

PJ Hoover said...

Yay, Kim! I'm glad he liked it! It has some truly humorous parts!

Anonymous said...

Yes, he was glued to the screen. My favorite comment? When the warrior guy goes into the harem. My son turns to me. "Mommy, I can't wait until I'm older. Then I can chose any girl I want!"

PJ Hoover said...

The harem scene is totally one of my favorites, too, Kim! Hilarious!