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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Five (Things that Make Me Happy) on a Friday

Hope everyone has had a great week! This weekend looks like a good one for raking some more leaves. One nice(?) thing about my backyard is I will never run out of leaves to rake.

In the effort to always look for the good things in life, here are five things that make me happy this particular Friday:

1) This stapler which I have owned for 32 years. I won it in 3rd grade, and it's totally the best stapler we own. I'm pretty sure it will last forever.

2) Reading a great book (and staying up until 2:30 in the morning to do so). Loved The Patron Saint of Butterflies by Cecilia Galante. (Hardcover on sale on Amazon for $3.99, btw.)

3) Lunch today (Friday) with the authors of these awesome books.

4) This t-shirt I made for my daughter this week. She's got a thing for buttons, and I've got a thing for polka dots. (Can anyone guess the inspiration for her name?)

5) Scooby Doo Crocs.

How about you? What do you have to be happy about this Friday?

Have a great weekend!


Miriam S.Forster said...

Wow, you're already into Friday? I haven't finished with Thursday yet!

Actually, Fridays are generally good days. I go to work super early, but I get off by noon. And Friday mornings are busy, with everyone in a good mood. I'm looking forward to it. Happy Friday!!

Verification word: stabless. (Really?)

Barrie said...

I can't believe that stapler is still, well, stapling! Oh, I wish I'd be at lunch with you guys!

Sheryl said...

Your week and lunch both sound FAB.

I'm thankful that the worst cold I've had in 10 years is finally OVER! Whew...

Happy Friday!

Keri Mikulski said...

Enjoy your weekend! Especially your lunch. :)

Can't wait for 60 degree days, first softball practice, and my niece's bday. :)

Have a good one.

Carrie Harris said...

Have a fabulous weekend! I think I'm going to be raking some leaves this weekend, too.

Darn it. ;)

Devon Ellington said...

Those are all great.

The thing I'm happiest about today is that Elsa seems better.

D.A. Riser said...

PJ, that is a beautiful stapler. I have to ask -- have you ever seen Office Space?

It's a dumb movie, but it offers a few hilarious scenes. One revolves around a red Swingline stapler. Check it out this weekend - it's worth suffering through the movie for the stapler scene and a couple other humorous spots.

Oh, and as an ex-engineer, you'll probably appreciate the flick more than most.

Rena said...

I loved your list. I think we all need to find things that make us happy, even if they're simple things. That stapler is awesome. I have one that I'd like to throw out the window at times.

lotusgirl said...

There's nothing quite like a good stapler. 32 years is some serious longevity. Of course, when they are made right in the first place...

Great list.

Things that make me happy? A clean house, when I didn't have to do the cleaning. :)

Working Mom said...

We are supposed to see J. Feldman at BookPeople this weekend as part of a promotion by the Read-a-thon that my Daughter participated in at school.

I always thought the inspiration was Copacabana. Is it not?

PJ Hoover said...

I love Friday, Miriam! Especially when my Friday blog post is done on Thursday night :)

Wish you could be there, too, Barrie! We'd have a blast! Here's to seeing you in April.

So glad you feel better, Sheryl! Nothing like feeling sick to make you appreciate feeling better!

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Keri! Sounds like you need to move to Texas! Have fun with the softball!

I'll be thinking of you as I rake, Carrie! We can encourage each other telepathically!

SO glad Elsa is feeling better, Devon! You have the whole internet rooting for her!

PJ Hoover said...

I did see Office Space, Dan, and did truly find many part of it hilarious! It may be time to watch it again. Loved the full day on Saturday thing (not a half day).

Thanks, Rena! It so helps me to type posts like this looking for simple thing that bring happiness!

Exactly, Lois! They do not make stuff as well as they used to. My stapler is a perfect example. Sending clean house thoughts your way!

Whoo hoo, Working Mom! I will see you there (I'm sneaking in with the kids). Jody is awesome!
And yes, Copacabana!!!!!

Thanks for visiting everyone!

TJ Brown said...

You know, I had a vidal Sassoon blow dryer that laste3d for almost 30 years before my dd finally broke it to bits... my dh used to make fun of it cause it was kind of a monster, but he went through four dryers during that same time. They don't make em like they used to!

PJ Hoover said...

Too funny on the hair dryer, Teri! I think I had the same one (though mine did not last 30 years).
So glad you're getting back into the blogging world!

Lady Glamis said...

It's a Swingline stapler. Those are the best. I'm a big sucker for good office supplies. :)

I'm feeling like my book is now cliched with all this butterfly stuff going around. Here I thought I was being creative and unique. :(

PJ Hoover said...

Your book is unique and creative, Michelle!!!!! I'm sure of it! And the fact of the matter is the two books with butterfly covers have been amazing! And also, it's not like they've been focused on butterflies at all. Just a small theme within.
Not cliched!!!!! Never say that again!

beth said...

What I'm happy for: I'm DONE GRADING ESSAYS!!!

Solvang Sherrie said...

I wish I had my childhood stapler. The one I have now is very temperamental...

Love the shirt! And it looks like you are going to have a great time at lunch!

Kelly said...

They don't make staplers like they used to! Have a fun lunch, and I LOVE the shirt you made for your daughter. Love her name too!

Kelly H-Y said...

Wow ... you are quite the talent ... from building derby race cars to making t-shirts! Impressive! Love those Scooby-Doo crocs - what a kick! Have a great weekend and, just think, raking leaves is good exercise, so it's like you're accomplishing two things at once!:-)

adrienne said...

I have an old stapler like that I love!
I went to high school with my daughter today (it was parent day) - that was pretty happy :)

PJ Hoover said...

Yay, Beth! I'd be happy to be done grading anything I needed to grade!

Thanks, Sherrie! I loved making the shirt. And a stapler which acts up can be very annoying. Mine never is annoying!

Thanks, Kelly! The name totally fits her.

Thanks, other Kelly :) My secret on stuff like the t-shirt and derby car is to not get caught up in perfectionism.

Parent day sounds wonderful, Adrienne! And someone else with an old stapler! Love it.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I've owned my stapler for--wait, let me count-28 years. What is it about long-lasting office supplies?!

Happy? Today my son went back to school after 3 days of being home with a sore throat. And, yes, the b-day party tomorrow will go off as planned! ;)

Beth Kephart said...

Leaves! OH my goodness. And yesterday we were watching the snow melt.

PJ Hoover said...

Have fun at the b-day part, Becky! And whoo hoo for long lasting staplers :)

Snow melt!!!! That's what I heard, Beth! Enough on the cold weather, right?

Have a great weekend!

Rebecca said...

1. Friday--always a reason to be happy
2. The first spring thunderstorm (a doozy--the thunder shook the house). Best of all, I was still wide awake when it started.
3. Movie night
4. Outside recess duty--it was over 50 degrees out!
5. Hubby's back feeling better

PJ Hoover said...

Oh, Rebecca, I love a great thunderstorm in the Spring! It's one of the best things ever (as long as it's safe). So glad you got to enjoy one!

Shelli said...

loved Eternal!

Vivian said...

There's something wrong here--you're raking leaves and I'm looking at snow (though it is finally melting!)...

Love the color of your stapler--I've had my Swingline stapler since middle school (though it's gray) and I love it.

Yay for happy lunches, cool t-shirts and cute Crocs!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Marcia said...

Leaves? Yes, since our neighbor's oak sheds them in spring, we'll have plenty to rake, once the blizzards quit.

I'm glad your stapler has served you for so long. I finally got fed up with that kind and got an electric. For me it was the perfect investment.

PJ Hoover said...

I'm reading Eternal right now, Shelli!

Thanks, Vivian! Snow!!! You need to move south :)

Electric staplers always kind of scared me, Marcia. Weird, I know.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Heather Zundel said...

Wow, I can't say which I love more. Those crocs. . . but man those buttons (I love buttons too! Saying the word even is just fun). I'm glad someone else has read the Patron Saint of Butterflies. I saw at my local indie store. Now I have an reason to buy it!

PJ Hoover said...

The crocs are even cuter on her feet, Heather! And yes, Patron Saint is totally worth the read!
Have a great day!

Christina Farley said...

OK, so this just shows how bad I've been about blogging! I'm so behind. But I loved the crocs! Adorable. s

PJ Hoover said...

Aren't the crocs the best, Christina! I couldn't resist!