"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." —J. R. R. Tolkien

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Playing with Electricity

Okay, so you know the whole "don't play with electricity thing" and all that? Well, it takes some courage to put your hand on the giant electrical conductor and make your hair do this. You know, it's actually kind of hard to get yourself to do something you've been encouraged your entire life not to do.

Huge thank you to Russell at Austin Energy for coming to our house and letting ten 8-year-olds play with electricity.


Forgot to mention this interview with me by Casey at Literary Rambles. Casey's blog is amazing. If you don't already follow it, you should. She does cool things like research tips, agent spotlights, and interviews with...people like me :)
Thanks, Casey!


We went to a high school football game Friday night. Love this picture I took of a kid at the game. Reading is not dead! (I think it's ERAGON he's reading.)


For a handful of books I'm looking forward to, head over to The Spectacle and check them out. What are you looking forward to? I'd love to know!


My Jack-o-lantern.

Any my gravestones. Love that my daughter wrote "kill" on the ones she drew.

Why is it we can be so busy but still find time to come home and whip together the headstones in a few hours because we promised our kids we would?


Happy Monday! Hope everyone has a great week.


Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Gawd, I love your 'do. It's wild! And your pumpkin is very geometric, which is fascinating. :)

Miriam S.Forster said...

Heehee.. You look awesome. That electrical thing would have made my week as a kid. (Still would, actually.)

I do like the gravestones, very spooky!

lotusgirl said...

Love the hair! and the smile!

Solvang Sherrie said...

Great hair!
I remember licking batteries as a kid to see if they still had any charge. My tongue isn't so willing these days.

Christine M said...

Sounds like a great week! Love the hair!

Kelly said...

That looks so fun, I bet the kids had a blast!!
Love the Halloween pics too. What are your gravestones made of? My kids would love to make them next year!
And lastly, love the pic of the boy reading at the game. My son does that at events. I love it!

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Tricia! I bet your hair would do the same.
My daughter designed to pumpkin design. I was just the carver :)

Thanks, Miriam! Would curly hair work, I wonder. And yes, it did make my week!

Thanks, Lois! It's fun to do stuff like this!

PJ Hoover said...

Licking batteries, Sherrie? Oy! I will not recommend this to my kids!

Thanks, Chris! Yes, it's a fun way to start the week!

The kids had a great time. I'd do it for a birthday party if I could.
The gravestones are made of wood scraps I had in the garage. That and a jigsaw, and I can do wonders!

Happy week, all!

storyqueen said...

Love the pic of a kid reading at the football game!!

And you are a good mom to help with the gravestones.


adrienne said...

Great hair! My son's hair used to do that every time he went down the slide on the playground.
I love your googly-eyed pumpkin, too.

Jen Robinson said...

Love the photo of the kid reading at the football game. Very cool!

Also, per your Spectacle post, I'm also looking forward to The Dead-Tossed Waves. And loving the idea of another Gregor the Overlander book.

Keri Mikulski said...

Great pics!! Happy Monday! ;)

MG Higgins said...

Ten eight-year-olds playing with electricity? Sounds like my kind of party! What a blast.

PJ Hoover said...

LOL, Shelley! I loved making the gravestones. It's really nice to stop the craziness and do this kind of thing from time to time.

Ooh, the slide, Adrienne! I'll have to try one now.

I thought you'd like the pic, Jen! And I hope the success of hunger games doesn't push away any thoughts of a Gregor sequel. Though it did have a Amber Spyglass feeling at the end, didn't it?

Thanks, Keri! happy Monday right back at you!

They were hilarious, MG, how much fun they had!

Kelly H-Y said...

That picture of you is a RIOT!!! Too fun!

Heather Zundel said...

Oh I LOVE that hair!

Robyn Campbell said...

Oh PJ! Cool hair. Bet your the talk of the town. Your smile is beautiful too. Just happy to be alive, huh? :)

I'll go check out the interview.

Cool gravestones. And reading at a football game! That kid is soooo cool! :)

Kristi Faith said...

That looks like tons of fun!! It must be the look on those little faces that make us do the things we do :)

Lady Glamis said...

Hehe, I love that picture of you! And the picture of the kid reading. That was always me at the football games when I had to play in the pep band. Ugh.

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Kelly! Can you tell I was kind of nervous?

Thanks, Heather! I'd love to see your hair like that!

Aw, thanks, Robyn! That's a nice thing to say!
The kid at the football game made my night. Reading is alive!

Exactly, Kristi! The looks from kids are priceless.

Funny, Michelle. So you were that kid? And when you had to play, too! That's perfect.

Carrie Harris said...

Now I'm embarrassed for claiming that I didn't have time to do headstones this year. ;)

Christina Farley said...

Love the hairdo. You should wear it like that every Friday. :)

Tabitha said...

Ha! I LOVE your hair!! That takes a whole lot of courage. Not sure I could have done it. :)

Love the jack-o-lantern too, and great tombstones. We just cut out paper pumpkins and taped them to the windows. :)

TerryLynnJohnson said...

You are so fun! Great pict! And great interview - I checked it out. Go you!

PJ Hoover said...

You should be, Carrie! You think revisions are more important than headstones?????

Thanks, Christina! Now I just need the field generator to get it just right :)

You would have had the courage, Tabitha! And your hair would have been awesome. My daughter took charge of the paper pumpkins part of Halloween!

Thanks, Terry! And congrats on the cover photo! Very cool!

Willow said...

Great interview! And I love your "electric" look.