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Monday, July 12, 2010


This week I'm giving away the ARC for a sequel to a book I loved.

GUARDIAN OF THE GATE (Prophecy of the Sisters Book 2) by Michelle Zink

From Amazon:

The ultimate battle between sisters is nearing, and its outcome could have catastrophic consequences. As sixteen year-old Lia Milthorpe searches for a way to end the prophecy, her twin sister Alice hones the skills she'll need to defeat Lia. Alice will stop at nothing to reclaim her sister's role in the prophecy, and that's not the only thing she wants: There's also Lia's boyfriend James.

Lia and Alice always knew the Prophecy would turn those closest to them against them. But they didn't know what betrayal could lead them to do. In the end, only one sister will be left standing.

For your chance to win this awesome ARC, all you need to do is:

1) Follow this blog
2) Follow The Texas Sweethearts blog
3) Comment on this blog post

For extra entries:

1) Blog about this contest and leave a comment telling me
2) Tweet about this contest and leave a comment telling me

And make sure you leave me a way to get in contact with you when you win!

The contest will run through midnight on Friday July 23, 2010!

And don't forget:

Enter to win an ARC of TORMENT by Lauren Kate and

Enter to win ARCs of THE DUFF by Kody Keplinger and LIVVIE OWEN LIVED HERE by Sarah Dooley.


RoseCBR said...

Hey!! Im a follower of both blogs, also follow you on twitter @RoseCBR , here is the link to my tweet of the giveaway .. http://twitter.com/RoseCBR/statuses/18378573282


Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Hey I'm a follower of both blogs too. Not doing any extra entries on the account of me being lazy right now haha.

I didn't see if we should leave our email but just in case we should,


Mel said...

Wonderful giveaway! I am a follower of both blogs and I tweeted too!



Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Oooo, that sounds so good. I follow both blogs. Please enter me.

Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

Can I just say I LOVED Prophecy of the Sisters! IT WAS AWESOME! I AM DYING TO READ THIS ONE!!!

Follower of both!

Tweeted @southrnprincess at 4:55 p.m.
On my sidebar! http://princesscourtneysbarr.blogspot.com
Added it to my MONDAY MEMOS contest list!

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Asenath said...

Followers of both :)

arallison at gmail dot com

Lorenzo said...

Followed both people! Can't wait for Guardian of the gate!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Hi, PJ! I'm a follower of both blogs. :)

I hope you had a nice weekend.

sharonkmayhew at gmail dot com

Cass said...

I'm a follower of both blogs.

Tweet tweet: http://twitter.com/cc9309/status/18388716273


Gail said...

I follow both blogs. This time I win!

Anonymous said...

I follow both blogs.
Tweeted: http://twitter.com/KailiaSage/status/18391648197
My e-mail is on my blog profile

Ari said...

Follower of both! I loved the first book so Im hoping I win!


Onge said...

I'm a follower of both. Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the giveaway!! chickenherder@hotmail.com

Jeremy West said...

I follow both blogs, Thanks for the contest!

Danielle said...

You have the best giveaways!

I'm a follower of both blogs.
I tweeted this on twitter (http://twitter.com/withabook/status/18399688379) <---Link

My email is withabook @ gmail.com

Book Monster said...

What a awesome contest XD

Follower of this blog and the other one XD

Thanks for hosting

Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

Awesome! Thanks so much!

I'm following both blogs.

+1 Tweeted it here

Karen said...

I follow both blogs and I am so excited about this book! I absolutely love the new cover designs for both books, too. I would love to win, of course, and thanks!

Sweet Lady Jess said...

Hi there! Thank you for this giveaway!

Following both blogs!

Tweeted! http://twitter.com/SweetLadyJess/status/18405600362

Thank you again!

-Jessica T.


Kemendraugh said...

I follow both blogs!

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bookaholic said...

Follow both the blogs
Tweeted- http://twitter.com/Debasmitadhar/status/18409272889
Sidebar link- http://bookaholicsoye.blogspot.com/ (under 'Contests' in the right sidebar)

Thank you so much! I so badly want to win this!!


Darlyn said...


I follow both blogs!

darlyn225 at gmail dot com

Maidenveil said...

Follower of both blogs!

Tweeted: http://twitter.com/maidenveil/status/18432458231

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Musings of a Reader Happy

Infertility Goddess said...

Sounds interesting. I always have wanted a sister, maybe this book will change my mind! ;) Thanks for recommendation, I will go to the libary and check out the first book.
PS I am a follower of both blogs.


FionaChan said...

followed both!

+1 tweeted: http://twitter.com/FionaChan/statuses/18444852691
+1 blogged: http://fionalevesque.blogspot.com/2010/07/pjhoover-guardian-of-gate.html

feeyonachan at gmail dot com

Merry Rachel Alice Sweet said...

Thank you.


Joyce Lansky said...

Count me in.



Tore said...

I am a follower of both blogs. Please enter me in contest. I am very interested in reading this series. Tore923@aol.com

latishajean said...

great give thank you so much Im following both blog and twitter/latishajean

Meredith said...

Please enter me! I follow both blogs.

meredithfl at gmail dot com

Chelsea said...

Hello! I'm a follower of both blogs, and I've tweeted about the giveaway here: http://twitter.com/chelseafought/status/18482013872

I've also blogged about the giveaway here: http://www.dreamincolour.org/?p=298

To contact me just shoot me an email at cmfought(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you!

EVA SB said...

You see this is why I never wanted a sister :0)

I follow this blog
I follow The Texas Sweethearts blog
I tweeted


Aik said...

I'm a follower of both blogs!

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Aik said...

I tweeted:


aikychien at yahoo dot com

Jessy said...

Thanks for another great giveaway!

I follow both blogs

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findjessyhere at gmail dot com

throuthehaze said...

Great giveaway! I follow both blogs :)
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Hali said...

Yay, I read the first one and am awaiting the second!! I follow both blogs. :)

Christina Farley said...

Wow! You are having so many great contests. I'm a follower of both blogs!

Anne Royce said...

Following both blogs :3

Please do enter me if it's internationa;.

royce_a13 @yahoo.com

Celeste said...

I'm a follower of both blogs, please enter me!


kjovus said...

I follow both blogs.

This book sounds like a tear jerker, I WANT TO READ IT!

Llehn said...

I'm following both blogs :D


Arena @ {thenerdswife} said...

I am a follower of both blogs! Thanks for the giveaway!


GABY said...

I'm a follower of both blogs :)


Mandarina said...

Hello, thank you for this giveaway. I love book one and I am sure I will love this second book too.

I am follow 2 blogs.
mail: noemisapi@gmail.com

Entries (total:3)

BLOG: http://librosconalma.blogspot.com (left link)
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donnas said...

Great giveaway. Thanks for the chance!

I follow both blogs.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

donnas said...

tweet - http://twitter.com/DonnaS1/statuses/18819293455

bacchus76 at myself dot com

donnas said...

blog link - http://donnasbloghome.blogspot.com/2010/07/contest-links-for-717.html

bacchus76 at myself dot com

C.R. Evers said...

You're awesome girl! I'm a follower of both blogs, and i will tweet immediately

pick me . . . pick me . . . pick me . . . *I'z hereby insert'z cute kitten-picture-winning vibes here'z*

AtenRa said...

Thank you for the contest!!!

I follow both blogs.


Lena said...

AHH! Loved Prophecy of the Sisters.

I follow both blogs!

+1 Tweeted: http://twitter.com/Lena1xoxo/status/18851266330

*crosses fingers*


Vidisha said...

I follow both the blog ......


Tore said...

I am a follower of both blogs. Please enter me in contest. Tore923@aol.com

Bee said...

I follow both blogs. Please let me win this time!


Lauren said...

I follow both blogs. :)

Thanks for the contest!


Malbebe said...

I follow both blogs.

Blog posted: http://teenbibliophile.blogspot.com/2010/07/contest-around-blogosphere.html

Thanks for the chance to win Guardian of the Gate. I LOVED the first book.


Monica said...

Following Both Blogs!

Here's my blog post:


Chas @ LLL Reviews said...


Please enter me- lllinthe808[at]gmail[dot]com

I am a follower of both blogs and I posted a link on my blog: http://lll808.blogspot.com/

Thank you so much for all these great giveaways!!

Adventures in Children's Publishing said...

Count us in! Tweeting this, putting it in our favorite posts share roll, and a putting it into our Friday round-up! We definitely follow both blogs. <3333

Martina & Marissa

AngelGoneMad said...

What a great giveaway!

Please enter me,I follow both blogs.

Naomi aka Supernatural Bookworm

shoutnaomi at googlemail dot com

Anonymous said...

I follow both blogs!


my e-mail is on my profile!

misha1989 said...

Hey I follow both the blogs. Please enter me if this is international. Thank you ! I would love love love to read the book.
I made 2 separate posts about the giveaway on Goodreads.


Annie said...

Wow!! Too many contests not to miss.
Sign me in in this one too!!



*Astrid A.* said...

Thanks for this giveaway!! =)

My email is: astrid_triatlon@hotmail.com.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/AstridAR/status/19367197787

Following both blogs! =)

The Itzel Library said...

Wow! I need this book, please count me!

I follow both blogs.

E-mail: itzel_library@hotmail.com

Take care,