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Saturday, September 04, 2010

FALLOUT by Ellen Hopkins Signed ARC Giveaway

I have an amazing ARC up for giveaway this week, and it's even signed! This is the latest from a fabulous bestselling author we've been hearing a ton about recently.

FALLOUT by Ellen Hopkins (Margaret K. McElderry, September 14, 2010)

Product description from Amazon:

Hunter, Autumn, and Summer—three of Kristina Snow’s five children—live in different homes, with different guardians and different last names. They share only a predisposition for addiction and a host of troubled feelings toward the mother who barely knows them, a mother who has been riding with the monster, crank, for twenty years.

Hunter is nineteen, angry, getting by in college with a job at a radio station, a girlfriend he loves in the only way he knows how, and the occasional party. He's struggling to understand why his mother left him, when he unexpectedly meets his rapist father, and things get even more complicated. Autumn lives with her single aunt and alcoholic grandfather. When her aunt gets married, and the only family she’s ever known crumbles, Autumn’s compulsive habits lead her to drink. And the consequences of her decisions suggest that there’s more of Kristina in her than she’d like to believe. Summer doesn’t know about Hunter, Autumn, or their two youngest brothers, Donald and David. To her, family is only abuse at the hands of her father’s girlfriends and a slew of foster parents. Doubt and loneliness overwhelm her, and she, too, teeters on the edge of her mother’s notorious legacy. As each searches for real love and true family, they find themselves pulled toward the one person who links them together—Kristina, Bree, mother, addict. But it is in each other, and in themselves, that they find the trust, the courage, the hope to break the cycle.

Told in three voices and punctuated by news articles chronicling the family’s story, FALLOUT is the stunning conclusion to the trilogy begun by CRANK and GLASS, and a testament to the harsh reality that addiction is never just one person’s problem.

*Source of book: From publisher at ALA

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The contest will run through midnight on Friday, September 17, 2010!

And don't forget:

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Read for your future! said...

I love this site please enter me

Miriam Forster said...

Oh, heck yes! I follow both blogs.

Also, did you see that Ellen Hopkins has an essay on the Author's Speak Up section of my Banned Book Challenge?


Read for your future! said...

I have tweeted your contest

Read for your future! said...

I am a follwer of both and have been for a while

Read for your future! said...

I really would love to have fallout. it looks as though it will be awesome.

Read for your future! said...

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Kulsuma said...

Count me in please!

i'm a follower of both blogs. is this international as i'm from the uk:)


Cass said...

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Please enter me! I loved Crank by Hopkins, so I'm a sort of fan of hers. :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to win this! I follow both blogs!

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Monica said...

Following both blogs! I absolutely love Ellen Hopkins! A signed book of hers would just complete my life!!! Thanks for the giveaway!


Adrienne said...

The description gives me chills!

Misha said...

I would love to read the book!
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Cielo Azul said...

I never I have luck, but I'll keep trying. This book looks very good.

I follow both blogs.


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AmazingBookReviews said...

Ahh, lets try again. Lol. This book looks like a good read. Still crossing my fingerss..

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Gail said...

one, two, three and done!

Martina Boone said...

Hey, PJ! We tweeted and blogged into this coming Friday's round-up :) Thanks for another generous contest.

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StephTheBookworm said...

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Bidisha said...

I've been wanting to read Ellen Hopkins for so long. This will be great to get me started.
Please, lemme have this!

I follow both blogs.

And I tweeted: http://twitter.com/bee_muses/status/23069452567


Tore923 said...

I am a follower of both blog. I would love to read this book. Please enter me in contest. Tore923@aol.com

Anonymous said...

Please enter me into your giveaway.
I win books and then i read them and donate to them public library.
so i hope i win

Jessica said...

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Anonymous said...

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April X said...

Awesome giveaway :D

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Kemendraugh said...

This looks cool! I DO like angry boys.

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Alisha313 said...

OMG! I would love to win this book!
Ellen Hopkins is amazing!
Thanks for the chance to win! I follow both blogs!

Tess said...

what a haunting cover...

lotusgirl said...

No need to put me in the drawing here, but I did want to say, "Hey." I hope you had a great summer.

Asenath said...

This series intrigues me. I'm a follower of both blogs.

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Unknown said...

Amazing giveaway! I want to read this so badly!

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Miss Bookiverse said...

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Jessy said...

I haven't read any of Ellen's books yet, but I would love to!

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Vicky said...

Ever since I read Identical I've been in love with all of Ellen Hopkins books! I love all of them and can't wait to read this, plus the cover is so cool!

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Sharli said...

Count me in! I follow both :)

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Jim Danielson said...

I love Ellen Hopkins books.

Jess said...

Oh my goodness, I would LOVE to win this one! Thanks for the opportunity!

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