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Thursday, December 09, 2010

My Weekly Star Trek Tribute...

...happened to be a tribute to E. Kristin Anderson, also.
I give you my Star Trek fun for the week.


I vow never to wear red...

… to The Place.

And you should do the same. Because none of us are expendable.

Don’t be Ensign Ricky.

*Thank you to Star Trek Inspirational Posters for the image.


Jordyn said...

I have nothing of substance to say. I just LOVE STAR TREK and love all your little references & tributes to it. SO MUCH.


Gail said...

I admit it...I love Star Trek!

Karen Akins said...

You just made me smile. :)

E. Kristin Anderson said...

Oh crap. I just looked down at myself, and I'm wearing red. PJ, that's two days in a row. I hope you're not wearing red to the place, too, or else we're both doomed.


PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, guys! Star Trek makes me smile :)

And nice red shirt today, Emily!

Miriam S. Forster said...


When my friends and I went to see the new Start Trek movie, and Kirk, Sulu and the guy in the red space suit got ready to jump onto the drilling machine, we all looked at each other and said. "Look a red-shirt! He is so going to die..."

Also, I'm watching the first season of TNG this week. So awesome. :)

PJ Hoover said...

LOL, Miriam! My kids mentioned the same thing!
Love TNG the best.