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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Calling all Trekkies: STARFLEET ACADEMY for the YA Crowd

Let me start by saying I am a devoted Trekkie.

There, we've gotten that out of the way. So every time I've been at B&N in the last four months and walked by the pretty table with all the YA books so nicely stacked, these books have been calling out to me. And one day, they called, and I had to buy them. Resistance was futile. (okay, please don't judge me).



What did I think of the Starfleet books?
Personally, I really enjoyed them. But we have to keep in mind my first statement in this blog post. I am a Trekkie. here are the basic things covered in the books:
  • Jim Kirk finds a new girlfriend.
  • Jim Kirk saves the day.
  • Jim Kirk has nice character development by showing flaws in his character.
  • Uhura is a genius.
  • Uhura and Spock have a wonderful romantic relationship developing that is oh-so-Vulcan.

Who would I recommend the book to?
  • Fans of Star Trek (of course)
  • Young adults, boys and girls, who enjoyed the recent Star Trek movie.

So really, if you fall in either of these two categories, you should check one of these books out. I'd start with THE EDGE since it seems to chronologically come first.


*I have to say trying to find out who actually wrote the books was a challenge in itself. The book has no author listed on the front or on the spine.

From Amazon for THE EDGE:

A new Starfleet Academy series for teens--filled with romance and adventure! In The Competitive Edge, Kirk finds out how much of a toll the intense training classes and grueling schedule of academy life is taking on all the cadets, including himself. But some recruits seem better equipped to handle the challenges. Is there something that is giving them an edge? Kirk is determined to find out, especially since one of the cadets with a little something extra is his new girlfriend.


Pk Hrezo said...

This is awesome. I'm a trekkie too and I love reading the original stories, but I think it's great they're out for new teens... what fun!
And I can't wait for the next movie. THanks for sharing. *one to beam up*

Miriam S. Forster said...


Is that McCoy in the background of the first one? Why does he look like a zombie?


Melissa @ Mel's Books and Info said...

Thanks for sharing! I will definitely have to check these out.

PJ Hoover said...

Hey Pk! Yay for Trekkies! i think we rock! I psyched for the next movie, too. I thought they did a fantastic job (aside from blowing up planets and stuff).

LOL, Miriam. McCoy as a zombie. Well, he is kind of a background character. But I don't recall him biting anyone.

Melissa, they are def. for Trek fans. I couldn't resist.

trailsofthepen said...

I stumbled upon the books recently and I was surprised that that they were thicker than the ones from TNG. I had to ask the bookstore staff which book was first. So it's The Edge, The Gemini Agent then the Delta Anomaly? That bit confuses me a little.☺

PJ Hoover said...

Hey Trails, thanks for visiting. I think the delta anomoly is first, but. Don't quote me on that. I really found the covers intriguing.

trailsofthepen said...

The cover's starting to grow on me now. :D I've scoured the bookshop and asked them for a copy Delta Anomaly. :D I'm hoping there are copies left in their branches. :D Follow a fellow trekkie :D Thanks. Great site too. :D

PJ Hoover said...

Yes for Trekkies!